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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Tri?

It's a New Year and many people including me are making resolutions.  A question I often hear is, "How do you find the time to train for triathlons?"  I also hear, "I could never do that."   So I am writing this for all of those who are starting off the new year with healthy goals.  (And also because I like to talk.) (And because I looked at my edit page and all my other stuff is stories about my kids which is only amusing to me.  Maybe my mom.)

Before I started doing triathlons I belonged to the Y.  I went to different classes there mainly in order to be skinny and cute.  I went to Body Pump and I attended step classes. Neither gave me the results I wanted.  There are nothing wrong with those classes, but they were not right for me.
1.  There were accidents.  Sorry people.  I have had five kids.  The old bladder isn't what it used to be.
2. They start at a time.  When I was late I  missed something, like the warm up.  Warm up was the only part I was good at so it stressed me out. I don't want to be stressed when I am trying to exercise.
3. There were not really any measurable results.  About the time I would get the routine down they would change it. 
4.  When I tripped and fell off the step and ended up in an ungraceful heap on the ground people couldn't help but stare at the woman laying on the floor in a puddle.
5.  I always thought I would meet friends at the classes, but I never did.  Either the other ladies were way too cute and skinny and so I hated was intimidated by them, or they were in a rush like me and didn't have time to socialize.  (Besides.  Who wants to socialize with the bleeding chick with a faint scent of urine.)

I decided to try spin class one day.  I figured if nothing else it would eliminate #1.  (Pun intended.) I still had to be on time, but there was less tripping  and obvious lack of rhythm.  I liked it. It was hard, but if I really needed a break I could turn the tension down on the bike and just pretend. It burned about a million calories - five or take. It was early in the morning so I didn't have to take any kids and my Y has really good coffee for FREE!
In the midst of all that spinning I read an article stating people who work out with a goal in mind other than being skinny and cute tend to work out longer and more than those who only work out to look good.  An example of a goal was like a 5k or something.  I hate to run so I couldn't think of a race to enter right off, but the theory resided in my head.
Soon people in my spin class started talking about the MS ride to Austin and triathlons.  I had always been fascinated by triathlons.  I tried to get a friend to do one with me after the birth of child #2, but she couldn't swim and refused to drown just to help me out.  Selfish don't ya think? 

But all their tri talk got to me.  Pretty soon the weather warmed up and the class turned into a tri class.  We would spin, run, and swim. I laid it on The Coach that I wanted to do a triathlon.  He didn't exactly laugh, but he was tentative.
I started training.  Got pregnant.  Stopped training.  Had a miscarriage.  Gained about fifteen pounds.  Got pregnant again.  Stopped Training. Had a baby.  FINALLY in May of 2008 I completed my first triathlon.  On Mother's Day.
I remember running those three miles and repeating to myself that I had given birth to four babies...I could certainly finish running three darn miles.  And I did.  I was hooked. 
I finished two other races that year. 
As I was gearing up for the 2009 season I realized  (my mom informed me.) I was pregnant.  Had a baby and geared up again.  

I went from running six minutes at time to completeling 8 triathlons in 2010.  It wasn't easy.  It isn't always pretty.  I have never won.  I don't care.  This year I do hope to became stronger and faster by hiring a coach.  Even if I don't ever win I do enjoy it.  And a fringe benefit...I am skinny and cute.  (Well my husband thinks so and who am I to correct him.)

My advice - which you didn't ask for.
If you are trying to start working out, do something you enjoy.  It may take a few classes or experimenting until you figure it out. If you HATE being on the treadmill.  Try something else.  Maybe you prefer the outdoors.  Maybe you are someone who would rather be involved in a class or a team sport.  Then if you can find an event - sign up for it and try it out.  It doesn't have to be a race.  There are walks and hikes and classes and bowling leagues.  And finally..don't let the fact that you may not be the best at something turn you off.  Not everyone can be the best, that doesn't mean it isn't fun.

If you read this far there is a prize.  I will pick a random commenter to which I will send a GC to a store I haven't chosen yet.  It will be ten bucks.  (Surely that is enough incentive.)
Yes.........I AM bribing people to comment on my blog.  (The more you comment the more I can sit here and read before I have to cook dinner.)


  1. This is awesome. My fifth baby is 9 months old and you know what has dropped the baby weight faster than anything else? Spinning. I am seriously so addicted to the class. And, I'm absolutely committed to doing my first triathlon this summer. I don't have a road bike though. Did you start with a road bike? Thanks for sharing... I have alot of people look at me like im nuts when I say I want to do a triathlon. Its awesome to hear your optimism.

  2. IMHO, You are a Rock Star! The mere fact that you get out there and try to Tri, is more than awe-inspiring to me. :o) I'm still learning to balance on my Wii Board. Happy Tuesday!

    Larri...who really needs to get back to homeschooling instead of websurfing. It's the snow...our brains are frozen like the Tundra outside our windows.

  3. Thank you for the inspiration! I am turning OLD this year, the big 4-0! eeek! I think I am past the point of just wanting to be skinny and cute (yeah, right!) I really want to be healthy and have some energy. I am now on the prowl for some exercise I can get addicted to! Keep posting!

  4. I was training for a triathlon sprint last year and found out I was pregnant less than two months before the one I had signed up to compete in! Morning sickness started and needless to say, the training derailed for the season. I'm hoping to start back to training to do one this year!

  5. Love this post! My husband is training for a half marathon and has kept up with all his workouts whereas I find any excuse not to go to thg gym. Having a set goal probably would make me go more often! I will have to make a goal today!!

  6. I HATE running. But I really like the elliptical and kickboxing. So I stick with those. No spinning for me. It hurts my crotch!

  7. You've actually made me want to try a triathalon! Eeeek.....

  8. Once upon a time I almost signed up for a tri...I was the most fit I had ever been and felt confident that I could do the run/bike part. I also felt confident that I would die doing the swim part.

    Very sadly, my vertigo kicked into high gear and squashed my ability to work out like I needed to. Now I'm starting at square one again...going to the gym every night with my sister but not working out too hard...

    That baby gets in the way. :)

  9. Love this post! I've always been fascinated by people who do triathlons. So, now I'm fascinated by you too :) I love to swim, but didn't have the bike or running part. Well, I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid and last time I tried as an adult my butt hurt before I made it out of the driveway. Gonna need some padded shorts if I'm to do that. We'll start with running. I AM going to run a 5K this year. I AM. I've never been a runner, but I'm going to do it. I started training a year ago, but then we became foster parents of a NEWBORN. I didn't sleep. I didn't train. Now we are 10 days away from moving and once we are in our new location I'm going to start training again. I can't wait! Looking forward to following your blog too :)

  10. Having to be somewhere, at a certain time, is what gets to me. I love running, because it's all up to me. And as it turns out, I'm a very punctual girl.

  11. Holy perseverance, Batman... outstanding start! I like running road races. I'm moving to tris this year and I hope to get as much fun and success out of it as you!

  12. Oh dear. Jump roping is not my friend.
    Triathalons - wowser!
    Way to go! Came here from UBP11.


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