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Monday, January 10, 2011

R-Rated Resolve

******Let the title be your warning.*****

I was shocked the other day when The Coach walked up to me and hugged and informed me he had made a New Years Resolution.  He has never made one in the past.  I think it is something having to do with the fact that he thinks he is perfect.  (Just could he think that when I remind him of his flaws on a steady basis.)

I asked what his resolution was as he was kissing my neck and he replied, "To have sex every day."

"With who?" I asked.

"YOU!" he replied shocked.

"That's too bad." I quipped.  "I resolved once a week."

(I just said that to mess with him.) 

He is very opposed to me writing this post.  He claims it is TMI.  The problem is he always wants to be the subject of my blog, but he rarely ever says anything PG.  He is often humorous, but it is always - BAD.

Here is an example of his bad behavior.
I emailed him to today and asked him if he planned to bring me back a surprise when he spends the weekend in Waco for Coaching School.
His reply.......

Yes.  Syphillis. 

See.  He is funny, but not appropriate.
And THAT should be the topic of his resolution.

(Sorry Mom, but HE is the one with a potty mouth..not me.  Ground him this time.)


  1. Hahaha, hilarious! Great way to start the day - thanks for the smile! ;)

  2. Are you sure you're not talking about my husband? Because those are all things he would say :-)

  3. LOL!!!!!!! that made me laugh...gotta love the

  4. Haha! My hubs would die if I posted something like that! :) thanks for the Monday smile!

  5. So funny!

    My husband turns everything into something dirty.

  6. Coach! He would get along with my husband so perfectly.

    I've been playing with an inappropriate post about my husband's unit. It makes me laugh like hell, but I just don't know how others would appreciate.

    All husbands would LOVE his resolution.

  7. Well at least he's still chasing you around the house.

  8. Haha, that's awesome! And sadly, this post did not warrant a banning.

  9. Ha! The Coach is just like Mr. BFG...I'll leave it at that. Best of luck to you both on your resolutions! ;O)

  10. Your mom is going to ground you! For sure!


  11. Funny but I expected something more X-rated. You know all that stuff on the screen big and small dulled my senses.

  12. Is your husband a polygamist? Because I think your husband might just be my husband.

    How generous of him to have sex with you every. single. day.

    Big time luck with that.

    Think about Marky Mark. Maybe that will help.

  13. Ha, sounds like a new years resolution that my husband would make too. Ha!

  14. Well, he has to keep you laughing every day then! Love that!


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