So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog..........

I have been sitting down to blog tonight for about six minutes.

I have been interrupted 842 times.  Approximately.  Not by the babies who don't know better, but by the older kids who are supposed to be able to clean the kitchen without my help.  Currently even the dog is invading my space, staring at the keyboard.  Clem, if you can read this - GET OFF MY FOOT.

So far I have started all of the following posts.

A love story starring Tayte.
A questioning post about why people feel the need to hug everyone so much these days.
A post about the number 1 most common complaint among married men in the U.S.
My race schedule for the season.
One seeking your opinion on electric scooters.
An explanation of why Saige is the "Baby Whisperer"
My guilty pleasure. 

(Just got interrupted again by the way.)

(And again.)

What was I trying to say?

Oh yeah.  I have started many posts.  Which one would you like me to finish?
(And do you think they would understand if I started barging in on them to ask dumb questions (like, "should I put the milk in the fridge?") while they were playing x-box, or listening to their ipod, or playing with friends, or trying to go to the bathroom?)


  1. My opinion of electric scooters is that if you don't need one at home, you don't need one at costco. You there are a hazard on wheels.

  2. Finish all the posts.
    Hide somewhere? Bathroom? Closet?

  3. I think they're all worthy of being finished. Get to it!

  4. I want you to finish all them. I hide in the bathroom sometimes, but that doesn't always work just so you know!

  5. I want the baby whisperer one. I called my husband that on my blog, last year. He has a way with babies! Which is good, I guess, since they scare me.

  6. do them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll

  7. Hilarious! I need to see your race schedule though.

  8. #1 complaint of husbands (I need all the help I can get) and your guilty pleasure please!

  9. Why does everyone need to hug for everything... not a big hugger here. Good luck finding your space/time to blog.

  10. Married men have complaints? About us? Nah!

  11. Well, at least you shouldn't get writer's block for a while with all those ideas!

  12. Lots of unfinished posts... looks like you have lots of work to do! :)

  13. Darn those older kids. BTW...I really like your creative style. If you're interested I'd like to invite you to be a member of our blog community at


    Jesse Cohen


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