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Monday, January 24, 2011

Good News/Bad News

I was tentatively offered at school a chance to go to a conference.  I was given a list of dates and told to pick a weekend.  Of course I picked the conference in Vegas for the weekend. I am not dumb.

I never heard from an administrator and only heard from my colleagues, my school besties,  that we were not approved.  I got over it.

I just got an email in my box that "they" have paid for me to go to training.

Not in Vegas, but in Fort Worth.
Not for a weekend, but right in the middle of the week.
Not with my "besties" but with - I don't even know.

I am not sure if the news is worse for me......February in Fort Worth.  (Did you know that Dallas is ranked number 1 for weather related deaths in the U.S.)  (Or at least it was...I haven't Googled it lately.)

Or if it is worse for The Coach.  He is perfectly competent though. I am sure he can get all five kids to school single handedly.  Shouldn't be a problem.


(I'll take plenty of pics.  Of Fort Worth.)


  1. Well, you could visit the Stockyards and all the cowboy museums...think of it as visiting history instead of making history (in Vegas). ;o) Happy Trails!

  2. At least you get a little bit of kid free time ;)Have fun in Fort Worth.

  3. uggg, not the same as Vegas. I have family there but would never want to be there for fun...sorry all you fort worth peeps. My hubby is there for a week in February for work...yay me! I love to be alone with 3 kids without a husband. What kind of conference?

  4. Might as well make it work!

    Oh, and you are featured on my sidebar this week!

  5. Seems like a pretty lame consolation prize...compared to Vegas... on the weekend... with your besties. At least it's a free trip though. Hope it turns out to be a lot more fun than you are anticipating and that the Coach survives without you.

  6. Fort Worth? Yuck.

  7. That is tragic! And I'll be praying for the Coach.

  8. Hope you are able to enjoy it.

    I am so excited that my husband has to take care of my kids during the week this week. I wish I could videotape it.

  9. I am a follower! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

    Emma Michaels

  10. Funny how these things happen? Who needs Vegas and all that warm weather anyway? Enjoy?

  11. But you're getting away so that's a very good thing!

  12. Fort Worth is great! If you like cows. I lived just outside Fort Worth for eight years, so I know all the good places. Or I used to at least.

  13. I'm sure he'll man up and be just duckie.

  14. Following you from the hop - should you wish to reciprocate or just visit, I'm from Shah .X

  15. haha- it won't be that bad! :) If you here the last week, you can always run the Cowtown Marathon on the weekend!


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