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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Before and After

 Here is Lincoln pictured early in his presidency when the country was sneaking up on the Civil War.  He isn't exactly what I would consider hot, but he looks put together, dignified, and strong.   Ok....he has scary hair, but I like it.  He looks presidential.

Here is again just a few years later around 1865.  His efforts to preserve the Union had taken a toll on him.  There is more gray in his beard and his uncombed hair - looks like he might have torn some out.    He has bags under his eyes. It looks as if he has lost weight.

Are you wondering what the point is?

Here is my son.  With his brand new learner's permit.  This child is licensed to operate a motor vehicle in Texas with an adult driver between the hours of 5am - 11 pm.

He looks happy doesn't he?

Here is me.  2011. (Are you tired of my New Years pics yet?)

Here is what I predict will be me in just a couple of short years.  The poor driving, independence, and stress will most likely get to me.  I can feel wrinkles deepening and hair turning gray.   I can feel chin whiskers emerging and my boobs succumbing to gravity.  (More)

Yes.  I think I am going to lose teeth.  It has been a while since I have been to the dentist.

I'll just keep looking at her.  She will make me feel young.  I'll never let her get a learner's permit.
I'll keep her in pony tails.

 By the way...................

 This is also what Lincoln would have looked like if he had had to worry about his teenage sons driving cars.


  1. Bwahahaha! Have fun with that learner's permit--I think my hair is going grey for you!

  2. I'm thinking in picture number one Lincoln was using hair gel and had player hair.

  3. I told my son, no driver's license till he is 32. I don't need any new wrinkles.

  4. It's interesting to watch Presidents age as they go through their term. I mean, Bill Clinton looked positively awful at the end and Obama isn't fairing much better.

    I'm much closer to my oldest son driving than I'd like to believe. In fact, it's downright scary to think about. And by the way, you are rocking that awesome purple shirt! It's frickin' sweet!

  5. Haha! Love the analogy. And I love that top!

  6. You are such a crazy woman and I love it!

  7. You should totally break your kids hand. It worked for me. Well, he broke his own hand, but it worked the same. He couldn't drive for weeks! Yeah, me.

  8. So funny!

    My kids have to stay little.

  9. Hello Miss Goody Goody I Never Swear! How can you not swear with five freaking kids? It's called going crazy! Why have I attained this level and now you? Well, you will start swearing soon: your son has his learner's permit...nannynannybooboo!
    And seriously, don't stop posting the new year's pics: you're gorgeous! I love seeing your smiling face. I still can't believe you have five kids and you don't have grey hair and wrinkles. YOu really do look like you're about 18 in that picture. If you had not put 2011 on the pic, I wouldn't have realized it was so recent. Can I swear at you? Would you mind that?

  10. The only thing more frightening than a 15yo boy with a learner's permit is a 14yo girl who likes a 15 yo boy with a learner's permit. I'm waiting for that parenting test with my girls.

  11. OOh, I am NOT looking forward to that part of parenthood! I love your New Years photo.

  12. Hilarious! I was waiting to scroll down and see his age at time of photo was like 40! My daughter has had her license for 6 months. She has backed into my car on the drive and last night she had her ipod stolen from car with a smashed in window. I am grateful, for these "teaching moments" that keep her safe. Loved the laugh! laura

  13. I'm curious - are those saggy boobs in your picture?

    I love this post.


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