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Thursday, January 20, 2011

TV Guilt

I have heard lately from a bunch of bloggers who love their trash TV.  Whether it be dwarfs, or tiny beauty queens, housewives, Jersey-ites, or Glee........ seems everyone has a guilty TV pleasure.
I have one too.  It is Supernanny.

At first it is like pictures of strung out Lindsey Lohan.  I just can't turn away.  My older kids love to watch this part with me.  We are shocked and entertained by the antics of these children.  Some bite their parents.  Others pummel their siblings or refuse to eat.  (Unheard of in this family.)

Usually by the time Supernanny's observation period is over I wonder how these families got to this point.  Most of the families seem to be upper middle class, educated and well kept. I am sure they have had access to health care, parenting literature, and the example of other parents.  (Well maybe not.  I probably wouldn't have to have a play date with some of these "before" kids.)

During the last few episodes I took off my "judgey" pants and tried to analyze what may have led to the poor behavior.  It seems to me in most circumstances the parents are 65%  nice, and 35% temporarily lazy.  They probably haven't always been lazy, but parents get tired and then they let a few things go and next thing they know a downward spiral has occurred and it is pandemonium.  Then they are left just trying to survive another day.

We get close at our house.  And after a few days of cruddy behavior I realize I no longer like my kids. Then we lay down the law again and get back on track.  The most famous episode was the summer I told my kids if they didn't mind me right away, the first time I said something, while saying, "Yes Ma'am." we would leave our outing and come straight home for the rest of the day.  I told them to sit still at church while I went to the bathroom.  When I came back they had all moved seats.  My kids behaved so badly we had to leave church!

Supernanny reminds the families of the importance of rules and consequences.  I love the looks on the kids faces when they introduce the rules.  It is part, "What?" and part, "Oh thank goodness my brother will no longer be allowed to cut my hair with the weed eater."

The first time out is always painful. The kids are stubborn because they are accustomed to getting their way.  Finally it sinks in there is a new sheriff in town. You can almost feel the relief from the young 'uns.

It all seems to be downhill from there.
It is nice in the end to see the families enjoy their children again and also to see the parents get their sanity back.

***Last minute addition.  I have a new guilty TV pleasure!  I may be in love.  I never realized Steven Tyler was so freaking funny and sexy!!  More Idol tomorrow?  I hope so!

What is your favorite stupid show?  Do you like these?
What did you think of the new Idol judges?


  1. I loved watching The Sing Off, but that is because my niece has been a part of both season (singing with two different groups). I also really enjoy the biggest is pretty amazing to watch them change so much!

    My other absolute favorite show is Bones...I LOVE it!

  2. haha, so funny you mentioned this but I totally agree - when did Steven Tyler start looking normal and good looking! HA! I said the same thing last night!

  3. I watch American Idol, much to my husband's dismay... I like Steven Tyler and J-Lo as judges, kind of makes the show seem fresh after all these years of watching. I also recently got sucked into Teen Mom, which has literally made my hormonal preggo self cry. :)

  4. My TV guilt...oh so many...but probably the biggest is Grey's Anatomy. Jason kindly suggested the other night that if I keep watching my version of what reality is might be messed up. There's a thought...

    I haven't watched AI yet. I hope I like the judges! I actually like JLO so maybe it will be okay.

  5. I love so many stupid shows I could never have the guts to list them all. Let me leave you with these two beauties: Sister Wives and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Both horrific, both guiltabulous.

  6. I enjoy the Supernanny. It leaves me feeling all superior!

    I watched Idol last night. I'm not feeling it with the Steven Tyler, dog. I think he looks like an alien.

  7. I know a blogger who was on Supernanny!

    I was so excited about AI, but I watched it last night and I'm feeling ho hum about it now.

  8. I LOVE Supernanny! I didn't know it, but I parented a lot like she teaches. How did I know? I think, for me, it was mostly I'm very very stubborn and I just didn't take any prisoners. My kids still loved me. Maybe even more.

    A famous and still talked about episode at our house happened when they were about 6 and 9. They were arguing over a spoon (one spoon didn't match the rest of the set, thereby starting fighting every day).

    One day I said, "Figure this out or the spoon is gone." They didn't believe me and kept arguing.

    I took it from the table and flung it into the trash can. Their faces! It was disbelief on their faces. They really couldn't believe I'd throw it away. I didn't take it out either.

    Good times! Ha!

  9. I've only seen Super Nanny a couple times, but I totally know what you mean. I love seeing the changes in the family! And I think you're right about kids appreciating some discipline too. Kids really do need and like boundaries, whether they realize it or not. ;) (I'm no expert - this is just what I've observed as an aunt and baby-sitter.)

  10. I love supernanny! It makes me feel like a better parent. And I hate when the people get all pissy with super nanny. You called her damn it.


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