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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Half or not to Half?

  It is getting toward the end of the year and it is time for some retrospection and also for some goal setting for the next season of triathlon. 
 In 2010 I did eight races in eight months.  I did an Olympic length triathlon.  And for the first time ever I came in first....ok only in the swim let, but I was still excited to have that 1 by my name in the results.

Best Race - The Trigirl Sprint in August. 
I came in the top 1/3.  

Worst Race - TriWaco in July
My bike was the rack that got knocked over and my brake was rubbing against the bike tire the entire time.  My legs felt like rubber.  It was a 3.4M run instead of just 3 like I though and I was not prepared.  Oddly this was the race I finished first in the swim, but that is because it was a mixed (male/female) start and I felt if I didn't get out of there I was going to be killed by some crazy guy.

The most motivational race was the Olympic distance.  I am still thrilled that I managed it and even managed to run the whole way.

All of this retrospection got me thinking about what I wanted to do this season.  I started thinking about my goals and flirting with the idea of a Half Ironman.  I felt if I was already training for a half marathon at the end of January I would be halfway there.  I asked The Coach about it and of course said he would support me if that was what I wanted to do.  That was nice, but I was looking for more than that.  I needed him to balance the pros and cons with me.  He did finally.  We concluded that if I felt like I wanted to do a HALF I needed to do it at the beginning of the summer and not the end.  That way I wouldn't have to be all obsessive during vacation time.  Also it would help in that I could some days leave the kids at the sitters while I got my workout in instead of trying to arrange child care during the summer when I don't have a sitter.
And maybe more wouldn't be Africa hot here yet.

I think my ultimate decision though is this:  I don't want to.
I enjoy training for races.  I think if I moved up to this length I would no longer enjoy it. 
I don't want to train for a HALF and run one just to say I did.  

I still want to do triathlons.  I would like to do more.  I would like to do another Olympic length or two.  
I would like to consistently finish in the top third or fourth of the field.  I would like to NEVER run over a ten minute mile again.  (Do you hear me Santa?)

I explained to coach this was the more expensive option.  He said that we would work it out.  (Isn't he awesome?)  Although I am not ready to state a goal at this moment for the number of triathlons I will do this year I am glad to made a decision on the half so I don't have to think about it any more.

What do you have planned for 2011?  Tell me - even if it is not running related.


  1. I'm just tired after reading your post! LOL My sister and I are toying with the idea of running...and we're not runners. I've never run before in my life, and fear my bladder may drop out if I decide to pound the pavement. You're a true motivator, though. You make it sound exciting. :o)

    A couple of my 2011 goals...Read my Bible from cover to cover, not skipping the books I cannot pronounce...Learn to use my Embroidery Machine for something other than a monogram...Sew a quilt from start to finish.

    Merry CHRISTmas, my inspiring bloggy friend! :o)

  2. Merry Christmas! Here's to an exciting and fulfilling 2011. I have no set plans yet...but I will, hopefully soon!

  3. 2011... So far on my list is my 1st half marathon and the Iron Girl Sprint Tri. As far as long races, thinkin these are the only one's. Endurance races are expensive!
    Good luck, your man should talk to mine, every training run I have my kiddos in the jogger!!!

  4. My goal is to get my moods under control so I can be a better more attentive parent and wife. I also want to find out what the lump is on my neck/back since it's size has increased to the size of an orange and the pain is getting worse making it much harder for me to do anything, or be in a better mood.

  5. Wow, you are dedicated! I will never understand runners. I would rather do anything than run. Even listen to Miley Cyrus for 24 hours straight.

  6. I would love to not run over 10 minute miles... :) Will see how that goes! Need to speed train to get to that point though! I am hoping to do 2 halfs in 2011. My goal for 2010 was one, and I did it. So hopefully starting out early will allow me to do 2

  7. I'm exhausted by your workouts, frankly I'm exhausted walking back and forth to the office coffee bar to get more cookies to keep up my strength.

  8. I'm actually toying with the idea to train (and run) a full marathon this summer. I've done a 1/2 a couple times now and so it could be time to up it a bit...

  9. In response to your comment: I think it is so cool that you teach 11th grade. You seem to have such a great sense of humor and personality so I bet they love you! Great way to find good sitters.

    My plans this year...hmmm, maybe a half or two and a marathon and I'd love love love to try my first tri. Have the bike , now have to find some courage to try something I might not be good at. ;)

  10. The most important words in your post are "I don't want to."

    I don't want to get all serious on this with you but remember we don't HAVE to do this stuff, we GET to dot it. Choose what is fun.

    With respect to the number of races, I recommend picking only 1 or 2 "A" races that really really matter. Everything else supports those races and can be viewed as hard training days or practice races. You can race every week (if you family doesn't disown you) but design your workout schedule around those "A" races.

  11. I love how you display your bibs! What a great idea:) It looks like you are getting a feel for what 2011 holds for you in terms of races. I am also looking at my schedule and making a few choices. It is exciting and fun to look forward to a new year filled with new goals. Good luck to you!

    I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


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