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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Question

What's worse?

Not getting around to taking a family photo/ making a Christmas card at all.


Taking some pictures and putting a card together then ordering them and not sending any out??

I was feeling fine about the fact I hadn't done anything as far as a Christmas card.  I told myself that I hadn't done anything last year and it wasn't as if people threw me by the wayside as a friend.

Then as I was looking for wedding pictures for my anniversary post I came across a box of Christmas photo cards from last year.   I apparently purchased them, but didn't send them.

Now I am trying to figure out if I should:
     A. Feel bad for wasting money buying, but not sending cards.
     B. Feel bad for not even doing a card this year.  (Yet.  What?  There's still time.)
     C. Don't feel bad, just have another cookie.
     D. Try to unload the cards in a contest like I tried to do the extra tests.
     E. Send the cards and see if anyone notices.



  1. I would still send them out. I would ask myself honestly what else am I going to with them, might as well.

  2. Eat the cookie WHILE sending them out...

  3. I vote for the cookies.

    No cards for us this year. I suck at getting them out.

  4. I would totally send them out. So I could judge you.

  5. Send them out! I would. I once sent out Christmas cards that my husbands name was not spelled correctly on, after the first 10 went out, I realized that the name wasn't right, I still sent the rest!

  6. I vote for eating cookies while sending out last years cards. Just think of them as being retro... :)

  7. I would send them out! :)

  8. EAT.THE.COOKIES. All of them! :)

    And then send out the cards anyway...that's what I say.

  9. Send them out and eat 57 cookies or until you feel too sick to your stomach to care.

  10. Have a cookie whatever you decide to do. I totally empathize with you. I can imagine myself doing the same thing.

  11. eat the cookies and send last years' cards!

  12. Send the cards AND have a cookie. Nobody really cares about the cards. It's the act that makes people go, "Aww, look, someone's got their shit together."

  13. I would totally send them out, otherwise you have to make a decision on keeping them or throwing them away. Then have a cookie :)

  14. Hey I want a card!!! Love ya... eat a cookie too...
    Next year lets have a christmas card party... with cookies & BROWNIES!!


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