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Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 to Life

He was two weeks late.  He has moved at the speed of a two toed sloth ever since.  My dad once asked me to promise him if he ever needed anything in a medical emergency to PLEASE not send Ty.

He was two weeks overdue and I whined taught straight through those two weeks praying for Christmas break to come FAST.  Every day I would hear a new version of, "You haven't had that baby yet?"  I wanted to make a smart ass reply, but the alien invader wedging itself up under my lungs didn't leave me enough air for snarky sarcasm.  That is until a student whistled as I walked into class and said (for the tenth straight day) "Miss, you are HUGE."  I snapped.  I looked at her and replied, "Well you are UGLY, but I don't tell you that every damn day!"  She smiled ever so politely and said, "You are cranky too."

Finally I went to have an ultrasound/stress test..something.  I was two weeks overdue and the doctor did not seem to have a problem with that.  He quietly observed the picture on the screen and then jumped up and exclaimed, "We have got to get that baby out of there!  He is HUGE!"  (Did I mention I was two weeks overdue?)

So two days later I went in for a scheduled induction.  Seventeen hours later.  Ty was born.  All ten pounds of him.  I think the entire staff of the hospital was watching as the doctor used the jaws of life forceps to deliver my "little bundle".  I  asked the doctor if he felt bad for telling me at 25 pounds I needed to slow down on the weight gain.

I remember looking at my baby for the first time and saying, "Where in the heck did he get those dimples?"  They were the deepest I had ever seen. 

There was so much I didn't know at the time.  I didn't know what to do with an infant.  I was 24 for Pete's sake.  I could barely take care of myself!  I can't believe they just let us leave the hospital with him. Of course he was big enough to drive us home. 
I didn't know it was possible to be so in awe of another human.  I didn't know that who Ty was when this picture was taken was who he would always be.  I didn't know that no matter how much he grew or how much he outweighed me, a small part of me would always see this face when I looked at him.
That face has changed now.  There are zits, and he shaves, but those dimples are still just as deep.

Seeing this picture of Squarehead  Ty when he was a few months old I realize it's no wonder people used to constantly stop me and say, "What do you feed that baby?!"  Just looking at the picture makes my back hurt.  Ouch.  What a load.  It also makes my heart hurt.  Who knew he would grow into the strapping and fiercely loved son, brother, stepson, student, friend, grandson, nephew he is now?

He has and continues to put up with a lot of on the job training on my part.
He is an awesome kid.
He is quick with a dimply smile even if he moves a little slow.
Happy Birthday Ty.


  1. What a great tribute! Happy Birthday to Ty! Hope your day is fabulous and full of great fun. :o)

  2. Happy Birthday to Ty!
    It's amazing how quickly they grow and learn. It's amazing to watch them turn into the beautiful people we have helped mold them into.

  3. Happy Birthday Ty. Hope you know what a thoughtful and fabulous mother you have.

  4. I'm so glad someone else is admitting that their first born was sort of an experiment in parenting. Mine is turning out ok so far, so there's hope for the other six.

  5. Happy Birthday Ty.

    I have a giant for a cousin - my aunt jokes that he was supposed to be twins that morphed into one human

  6. Happy Birthday to Ty!

    Our second son would have stayed in there until his first birthday. As it was, he came out practically a toddler at 9lbs 7oz. And I remember the first time parent's amazing that we've made it 11 years and he's mostly normal.

    What a sweet story...

  7. Happy birthday to Ty! that is a great picture! I always think big babies look so happy!

  8. Happy Birthday to your son! :)

  9. Happy birthday to your dimpled baby boy!

  10. Happy Birthday !
    i love this post !
    This is crazy and i would say i love healthy people and babies :)

  11. Hey there! I'm a new follower from Social Parade. I hope you get a chance to come by for a visit!

    Anestazia <3

  12. That made me laugh and get a little teary eyed.


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