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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heart Attack on a Plate

My family LOVES bacon.  Really. They want to marry it.  We saw this recipe on an episode of Man Vs. Food and had to try it.   We like to watch food shows because 1. We like food and 2. There is rarely any violence or scandal on cooking shows. 3. We like food.

Bacon wrapped tater tots are super easy.  You take frozen tater tots and wrap a half of piece of bacon around and secure with a toothpick.  That is really the hardest part - putting the toothpick through the frozen tater tot.  Make sure you get the pointy toothpicks.

Drop those tots down in the Fry Daddy and watch them bubble.  Fun!
Tayte was quite confused as to what we were cooking since we often call him Tayter Tot.  We don't often wrap him in bacon though.  He is eagerly awaiting his batch of pork wrapped, deep fried happiness on a stick.

 You will know when they are done.  You will feel it in your taste buds.  Then you put them on a plate and immediately sprinkle with cheese for a melty effect.

And if you give a kid a bacon wrapped tot he will want a cheese filled burger.  Juicy Lucy - another dinner experiment we got off Man Vs. Food.  My kids LOVE these too.  My oldest tried to get me to stuff a piece of bacon in there with the cheese.  I refused.

They are juicy! 

He was too focused on his food to roll his eyes at my picture taking.  Success!
I had a picture of Tan Man too, but he had cheese and ketchup smeared all over his person.  It was not for the weak stomached!!

As long as you don't have a cholesterol test coming up you should make these items for your family.  They will be so grateful they might even do the dishes!!

Got any other ideas on things I can make so excite my family and insure their undying love?  What are you family favorites?  I need new dinner ideas.


  1. Mmmmmm bacon :)
    I'm pretty lazy when it comes to meals just because my kids are still in that stage where they refuse to eat real food so every night I have to prepare two meals (JP and I eat after the kids go to bed so we can enjoy our meal in quiet so I'm not actually making two meals at the same time). Because of this, I have no imagination and usually just go with our favorites which would be tacos or enchiladas, spaghetti, chili dogs or chicken and rice a roni.....those staples are pretty much on an endless loop with an occassional new recipe thrown in whenever I find one that looks easy and tasty. I usually find them in the kraft magazine which I think is online at

  2. My mom makes something we call "bacon roll-ups"...I think it's like dressing wrapped in bacon and then she bakes them in the oven on a wire rack in a sheet yum. But I love bacon!!!

  3. I love Man V Food and never thought to make the food at home. On deck for this weekend? Juicy Lucy burgers!

  4. Mike is a health meals like this would be saved for when he is gone on business trips or hunting trips. *evil laugh*
    Last trip he took, I made a stromboli with refrigerated french bread (in a can)...I unrolled it, and put pizza ingredients down the middle, folded the dough around the pizza ingredients and then flipped it over so it was seem-side down. I baked it at 350 for about 25 minutes after brushing it with butter and sprinkling with Parm. cheese. Yummy! I cut it into slices...I had to make two because it was an instant hit!

  5. This made me so hungry! Luckily it's lunch time. Yay for bacon!

  6. It's probably a good thing we don't have a Fry Daddy... we'd fry EVERYTHING. Doesn't everything taste better fried... and with bacon... and cheese?

  7. Gosh, I am so hungry right now and that looks so good! Might have to try them soon.

  8. You thought Trouble eating my gum was gross??? :) I'm not a fan of bacon...but maybe I should send your family the bacon chapstick my husband has gobs of???

  9. Eckkk, my arteries are clogging just thinking about it. But sure looks good.

  10. My daughter is still in the stage where she eats a very restricted number of things too, so I don't cook much other than for her. I would skip those bacon rolls but oh my, those burgers look really good! We never go for burgers as my daughter will not eat burgers, buns or even fries!


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