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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Mom

Mom- You were and are a wonderful parent.  The following letter is not trying to insinuate otherwise.

Dear Mom,
Do you remember when I was growing up?  You know, back when you DIDN'T have an entire drawer in your kitchen devoted entirely to little candy bars?
Do you recall those days when letting a speed demon eleven year drive your car was NOT considered acceptable.
Do you remember back when you DIDN'T think ice cream was a suitable breakfast food?

I am just wondering.  I am also wondering if you can think of any reason my daughter is sick so often this year.  She seems fine physically, but she does often claim she needs to stay home from school.  Do you think it is a subtle, but chronic illness?  OR - Do you think it could be the fact that you took her SHOPPING while she was staying with you during her illness?  Hmmmmmm?  Hooky-itis?

Do you happen to remember the rule when we were growing up that if you stayed home sick you couldn't leave the house all day.  Not even if you DID make an amazing recovery in time for gymnastics practice?
And you sure couldn't be taken to lunch.  You had to eat soup and crackers. 

Who are you and what have you done with my mom?

Your daughter

P.S.  Sincerely thank you for watching Saige while she had a stomach virus, so that I didn't have to miss work.  You are the best.

P.S *2 - I am even more sorry that you now have the stomach virus.


  1. You must get a letter when you become a grandma that gives you permission to throw out all of those rules you enforced as a mother.

    There is no other explanation.

  2. Dear heather's mom, can I come be sick at your house?

  3. Amen sister...
    Something definitely happened to our parents when they turned in to GRANDparents!!
    I love it when they look at us like we are the meanest parents in the world when we TRY to have the same rules for our kids...
    Dad looks at me like I am horrible when I won't let Garrett have a third helping of birthday cake... really now... was that ever acceptable?! :-)

  4. Yup, it's the grandparent switch. It goes on and they become crazy people, completely different than our parents.

  5. My mom says it's her right as grandma to do whatever she wants and spoil my kids rotten.

  6. Awwww...Im sorry Grandma is sick now... Hey.. I'll feign illness if gram takes me shopping... HUGS!!! Missed you while I was on vacay!!!

  7. Your mom sounds like the perfect grandma. Can I come over and raid the candy drawer?


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