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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

License Plate

I once had a license plate that read 123-PMS.

(I don't actually recall the numbers.)

Anyway.  I noticed it as the guy from the dealership was affixing it for me.  Like it was not bad enough I drove a mini-van.  I had to get that license plate.

From time to time people would be driving beside me smiling and looking at me.  I would forget about the humiliating plates and think, "Oh yeah.  I have got it going on today.  Other drivers think I am hot." 

Then I would remember they were just laughing at my plates.  Just thinking about PMS made me have PMS.  Then I wanted to run them over for their heckling.  And also because of their oh so normal license plates.


  1. that's awesome! my mom's is ycanti (why can't i) and people are always asking her what ee-can-tee means. LOL!

  2. my capture words have been killing me lately! for that last comment is was appropriate for you post!

  3. Aaaah! I want that license plate!

  4. LOL! :) I'm sure they thought you were hot!

  5. Can one refuse the plate like that?
    Can one use that plate as an excuse for speeding? "Sorry officer, as you can see on my plate..."
    Can a plate like that justify road rage?
    Where can I get a plate like that?

  6. I think I might NEED that license plate!

  7. Your comment on my blog about the Scooby Doo stickers made my day! Thanks for the laugh.

  8. At least people would assume you didn't order that on purpose!

  9. Oh my gosh, that is so funny. Thinking you have PMS makes you have PMS! That makes sense to me. I would have had them change it.


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