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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm So Excited!

I just finished my run this morning.  It was cold (for here) and it was rainy. 

Running has always been a challenge for me.  I am pigeoned toed and I have a junk in the trunk.  I am no expert, but I am not thinking this is the best combo for a runner.

I will say after three seasons of triathlon though I have learned to like running.  I have even started looking forward to my run workouts and started looking forward to the small improvements....and I do mean SMALL.  The Coach said the other day,  "Some people refuse to do things they aren't the best at, but not you.  You find what you suck at the most and just do it over and over."  I would have to agree with him.  That seems to be my style - waste time with futility. 

BUT I am excited because this morning I just ran a 9.02 mile. 
A 9.02 mile.
I am really trying to contain my excitement here so I don't seem like a complete dork.

I was just running along trying not to freeze.  (Ok. It was 56, not a possibility.)  I felt like I was going fast and I worried I was going to peter out and not even be able to finish the 3 miles on my training plan for the day, but I figured I would just keep going.  At two miles I looked at my ipod and it read a 9.12 pace.  I thought surely I could keep it up for just one more mile.  I did.

Total I ran 3.08 miles in 28:16.  An average of 9:10/mile.

I won't beat my older brother in the 5k at Thanksgiving with this time, but it is certainly an improvement over 12:00/m pace I ran a year ago.

Here is my question for all you seasoned and swifter runners.  Is this some kind of cosmic joke and I will never be able to repeat it or did I make a breakthrough and now I am fast, fastish, less slow?
I usually average right under 10:00/ mile for up to five miles and my previous best mile was 9:32.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you.  I have a lot of non runners in my life who are very supportive, but I knew y'all would understand.  (Even if you might be slightly chuckling over my giddy-ness at a not record breaking speed.)


  1. If you have this "giddy-ness" at 9:0x imagine what you'll feel like with just a few seconds more improvement and you see 8:XX! Well done.

  2. If I could run a whole mile at one time I'd be giddy. Good going!

  3. Wow. That's faster than me. I wouldn't say that it is slow by any means! I wish I could run with that pace. Be proud!

  4. Yay! Congrats on your speedy 5K run! Just keep going and you should be able to keep that pace:) Go you!

  5. It would take me hours to run a mile! I'd have to stop and take a break every few steps. I am so out of shape. I keep telling myself I'm gonna get in better shape, and I start to do it, but then I stop. I might skip a day for one reason or another, and once I do that's it, it's months before I start again. I also smoke (I know I know) so for me to run to the door is all I can do.

  6. Wow, that is an awesome time for your mile!!

  7. I admire you for running like that! I just never had the endurance to do it, plus I got shin splints and that put a permanent end to my trials.


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