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Friday, November 12, 2010

Stupid Things I Do

I do stupid things.  Repeatedly. 

I wonder why.  I look at my husband and other people and they don't seem to habitually do the same stupid things over and over.

For instance.  I trip.  A lot.  The Coach never trips over his own feet, or runs into doors and counters.  I have seen him trip like once in eight years.  What's with that? I am athletic.  (I am!) I constantly have bruises on my hips from running into desks while I am teaching.  (No we are not going to where my hips may be larger than the aisle.)

Also, EVERY time I go to get out of the shower I turn the faucet the wrong way.  So as I am wondering why the water is not going off I am scalding myself with hot water.  EVERY TIME.

Here is another thing.  I don't like to carry a purse. When I go in the grocery store I just grab my wallet and go in.  Well of course in the midst of juggling five kids and coupons and actual groceries after I check out I inevitably leave the wallet at the checkout or in the cart.  Then I don't notice it for a couple of days, because why would I need my wallet other than for groceries.  Certainly I don't need an i.d. for anything.  Then I have to call the grocery store and go get it.  (Oddly, they always have it.)

That's just dumb.  I should carry a purse, or better yet, have one of the kids carry the wallet.

I constantly underestimate the amount of time it takes to get to a place.  I am not late because I was behind.  I am late because I was hanging out at the house thinking it is only going to take ten minutes to get to a destination 20 miles away on i-10 at 5:00.  Duh.

And this - Every day at the end of my last class I pack up all the things I need to grade and get in the car and pick up four or five kids of my own and go home.  Then I lug the bag full of papers, and maps, and quizzes in the house and then I haul kids to sports and cook dinner and help with homework and collapse into an exhausted heap on the couch.  I grade maybe one single esasy before I fall asleep on the couch, drooling on the paper.  Then I wake up in the morning and lug the bag back to work and empty it out on my desk.  When will I learn that the best outcome of lugging all those papers home is that I will not lose any of them?

Why do I do stupid things?  I am not a stupid person.
Please make me feel better by sharing the stupid things you do!!


  1. Oh where do I start.... loosing my car every time I park, loosing my keys at the bottom of my bag (because I refuse to be girly and carry a purse) constant state of bruising on my extremities from walking into anything and everything and just this morning getting caught in the sheets and falling out of bed.... I feel for you girl!

  2. I run into things. I walk into a room and can't remember why I'm there. I can't distinguish between what I've told someone and what I just thought about telling them. "Did I tell you that already?" I NEVER turn on the correct light switch. The neighbors probably think I'm attempting Morse code when I attempt turning on the hall light and end up flipping the porch light off and on.

    I think it's mind clutter!

  3. LOL!!!! We must be twins... If I lock my keys in the car while its running one more time... and I am the queen of tripping..

  4. The faster I go, the behinder I get. This morning I found a new bruise on my left hip. Who knows how it got there? The scab where I cut my leg shaving recently just fell off, and my broken toe nail needs trimming so it stops catching on my socks. That's just my body. My car is too sad to tell about.

  5. Lol! I think we all do stupid things. One of my worst...when I can't see something right I always go to push my glasses up on my face - even though I had LASIK 5 years ago and don't have glasses. I just laugh at myself.

  6. I trip and bump in to things AL the time too! Hahaha. Nice to know I am not alone on this one.

    Thanks for dropping by mumsyhood! :)

  7. i speak my mind. that might not sound like a stupid thing but it can be.

  8. We do those things too, we just don't admit it

  9. Oh we have sooo much in common!
    When I get out of the shower, I bash my knee....every single time. You would think that by now I'd figure out to raise my leg just a little higher.
    When I go to turn on the light in the closet I always reach for the switch on the inside (because that's how it was at the old house) but after 3 1/2 years you'd think I'd know where the switch is by now.
    I trip over my own feet constantly...yep still don't know how to walk.
    I could go on and on with the list of stupid things I do, but right now I'm just happy I'm not the only one! :)

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  11. LOL love the post!! I think we are all guilty of doing stupid things.

    The most stupid thing that I do is continue to do the same stupid things over and over again. I don't learn my lesson very well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a wonderful weekend . . . Gina

  12. I love your story! I am known to be quite...let's just less, less than graceful. I trip over things...sometimes when there is nothing there....that is the best! I have bruises that I have NO idea where they came from....gotta love it! Thanks for sharing!!

    Have a great weekend!! Karen

  13. So funny! I've been teaching for more than twenty years and I still do that with my papers! (Visiting from the SITS linky.)

  14. OhMyLord - you are my twin! :)

    I bump into things constantly and trip with alarming frequency. I think you can be atheletic and still have "spatial awareness issues", hee hee!

    And about your wallet - where do you live that people are so great about turning it in??!?! :)


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