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Monday, November 15, 2010

Genius or Delinquent?? You Decide

You be the judge of these recent crack of dawn shenanigans.

We get a family of seven up, dressed, out of the house by 6:30 am.*

I can't tell you how.  I plan to write a book about it one day.

Up until recently I have been anti Pop Tart.  Not because I don't like them.  I do.  I love chocolate Pop Tarts and so do my kids.  Lately I have been buying them more and more because they are portable and we are in a hurry.  Plus all the spoons have mysteriously disappeared.

The other morning I came down to ruckus. A Pop Tart ruckus.

It turns out Tanner who is always the first kid dressed and down stairs looked for Pop Tarts, but could find none.  After he ate something else, let the dog out, and fed her he returned to the kitchen to discover Ty who is always the last one dressed and downstairs was carrying a package of Pop Tarts. 


How did that happen? 

Ty had hidden the last package of Pop Tarts in a box of bran cereal where he knew no one would ever stumble across it. 

Genius or Delinquent?  What do you think?

* We do not get Shaye dressed.  She goes squishy tushy straight from the crib to the sitters.  I am not ashamed.


  1. I gotta go with genius...sneaky genius...but genius nonetheless! LOL!

  2. Absolute genius. I wonder if he could share more tips on where to hide yummy stuff fromt the rest of the family. I am running out of ideas.

  3. i wishi would have thought of that as a kid!

  4. I vote genius!

    I also have a food stasher in the house. Somehow she can always find cookies, chips, candy or soda when no one else can. Sneaky kids!

  5. Seeing as how it really didn't break any laws...I've gotta go with genius!

  6. A true genius would take a single bite out of each. Of course an even more genius brother might not care and would eat them anyway.

  7. hysterical! i vote genius! both for the brilliant hiding and to you for getting everyone out the door that early in the morning! Pure genius!


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