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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Tayte, Baby Shaye and I enjoy a fifteen minute drive to the babysitters house about 6:15am every morning.   I am a morning person, but not to the degree Tayte is.  He wakes up spouting off possible plans for the day and pointing out everything in our path.  I am just trying to figure out how late I am going to be and mentally inventing a coffee warmer for the Womb on Wheels.

Sometimes I try to think of things to say to stop him from talking, so the other day we were talking about the sunrise.  I was teaching him about sunRISE and sunSET.  He says sunset is when the sun goes under the grass.  (Think about it for a minute like I had makes sense.) This conversation naturally progressed to the idea of east and west - I have been trying to teach my fourteen year old who will soon be able to take driver's ed directions - I figured I would just teach Tayte too.  (Maybe with an eleven year head start Tayte will be better at directions than Ty.)

A couple of days later I was in the car with The Coach and Tayte and remembered our lesson.   Anticipating a stunning correct answer I oh so proudly asked, "Tayte, what direction are we going."  He triumphantly replied, "West!"  I told him he was right and what a good job he had done. 

I glanced at The Coach and he looked unimpressed.  All indignant I said, "Well aren't you glad I have been teaching him directions."

"No." he replied. 

Truly insulted and thinking my husband had no appreciation for my hard educational work I asked. "Well why in the hell not?"

"Because we are going straight EAST, Heather."

Oh.  Oops.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.  We are all gearing up for the Turkey Trot and some football, and a little shopping.  Enjoy your families!!


  1. heehee.

    That is so like something that would happen to me...

  2. HA! I never know the direction I'm going unless I look at the indicator on my dashboard.

    And I still have to think about my little tricks when thinking about East/West and Pacific/Atlantic...If you are looking at a map of the US then the directions spell WE and the oceans spell PA. Second grade geography at its best!

  3. I didn't learn directions until I was in my 20s. And outside of Utah I am still lost!

  4. Your title reminded me of this horrible song.

    As for directions, I know forward, backward, left and right. I do not understand east, west, north and south. Hubs being an air traffic controller always uses them, and I look at him like he's the idiot!

  5. Ha! That is absolutely something I would do! Even when Garmin tells me to go left, I sometimes go right...

  6. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful my friend

  7. That's hilarious! I am directionally challenged myself...

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