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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Dash of Dash

On Thanksgiving the kids and I participated in the YMCA Turkey Dash.  Remember I vowed to kick my oldest's booty in the race?  I guess I did because he was a DNS.  He woke up claiming stomach problems, blah, blah, blah.  He made a quick recovery about the time the sweet potatoes were ready
I broke my own rule of not wearing the race shirt until the race is finished.  Also I am instituting a new rule: No pictures prior to 7 am.

Shaye Baby and Tayte enjoyed some dress up too.

My older brother came to run and my younger brother came to drink cheer us on.

My older brother was less than impressed with his get up.

The Coach doesn't seem to be a fan of the headdresses either. Hmph.  (Is he checking out the "talent" here?  Certainly not.  But if he is I'll forgive.  He does hang out at a lot of races for me.)

Tanner : 9:10
Saigie: 11:07
Here are Tanner and Saige finishing up their races.  (Saige is the one in the cool Christmas socks.)  I thought they both did very well and they seemed to have a good time.  Yay for them!

                                                                Guns: 26:17 

My brother, Guns,  hasn't run in a race since high school - which by the way was a long long time ago.   He was teasing at the start that he should be further to the front with the fast people.  A young guy in front of him told him he needed go further back. 
As I was getting to the turn the same guy ran up to me and said, "Hey is that guy you are running with back there?"  I told him my brother had already made the turn and was way ahead of us.  He poured on the speed trying to catch up to him.  I finally took pity on the kid and said, "He's in the army, you know."  At that point the guy gave up.  It's tough to get beat by an old guy huh?

I should note here, my brother didn't pack heat for the race.  I am shocked this didn't cause him to run lopsided, or throw off his balance in any way.

Guns was nice enough to loop back around and finish with me.  For some reason though he felt I should top my lackluster race off with a full out sprint.  At that point Tanner decided to join in by jumping out in front of me while I was going full speed.  I thought I was going to wreck at full speed.  But with agility and grace I managed to narrowly avoid that.
So I finished with a very disappointing 31:14, proving that one can only consume so much queso and beer before it begins to affect quickness - both physical and mental. (I was hoping to run it in less than 29:00.  Oh well...there is always next year.)

Shaye may run next year too.  She seemed ready!

Overall I had a great time with The Coach, the kids, my brothers and my dad.  After the race we headed over to my mom's where my sister in law made a Norweigian concoction that is both a drink and a snack.  My mom made all of the yummiest Thanksgiving dishes.  She also carried on her strange tradition of using her label maker to label all the desserts.  (Thanks for making it easy to find the Rice Krispy Treats, Mom!)

I was truly grateful for the relaxation and the time we spent with family.

(I am sorry this post was about as long as the race.)

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions??


  1. Looks like y'all had such a great time. I will admit though, I wouldn't have made it a 1/4 of the way. Who am I kidding...I couldn't have done 1/8.

  2. oooooooooooh It looks like you guys had a blast... My hubby and his dad and brother are runners... I have ALWAYS wanted to be... lol.. my goal is to run (or walk) my first 5K next year.. bwahhahahaha (giving myself a LONG time and setting my goals LOW bwahahahahaha).. I'm already a follower... swinging by to give some comment love.. and invite ya to swing by and link up on our hop..

    Happy Hopping..

  3. I'm in awe! The most movement I did on Thanksgiving was from the couch to the table.

  4. I am a sloooowwwww runner. I would be super happy with your time!
    Funny story about Guns!
    Yay for the kids running too!

    We have a race here on Thanksgiving called the Turkey Trot. We were out of town this year.
    Cute head dresses!

  5. I've done the Turkey trot a few times in our little town and it is always a blast! Your post kinda made me wish I would've done it this year. :-)

    I'm just popping in from the Tuesday hop & am now following. Would love a visit (& follow) back when you get a chance! Have a great day.

    living well, spending less

  6. Sometimes us old people can actually get the job done. LOL! Thanks for jumping on the Train. Have a great week!

  7. I don't run, I waddle. But congratulations!

    Really, it looks like a great time!

  8. Happy Tuesday! What a fabulous tradition! I love the head gear! ;)

  9. wow! Turkey day I wake up and I'm busy in the kitchen then try not to move the rest of the day! You go girl! I'm following from Tuesday Train!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

  10. I love this post!
    I keep forgetting how many fricken kids you have, but then when I was counting them all in the pics, I went back to read your profile...I know you only have one more than I do, but damn woman, you must be busy, how do you find the time to run a turkey race...then again, the opportunity to teach the boy some humility by kicking his ass in the race would have been worth it.
    Anyway, I loved this post...I know I already said that.
    I like that your brother came to watch (not drink!..I laughed at that little scratch off that you made!)
    Heather, whenever I see that you've left a comment over at my place, I'm always, "Oh good! It's Heather!" I think we would have such a nice friendship if you didn't live somewhere that's clearly warmer than where I live.

  11. That looks like fun tradition. Thanksgiving is not that big in Canada so there is not really traditions for that holiday.

    Stopping by from FMBT. I am your newest follower.


  12. I LOVE the label idea! Next year at Thanksgiving I am going to label all of the desserts. :)

    I think you're awesome for even running the race!

    And your brothers look like Chief Pope on ... oh shoot...what's that show called? The Closer. Have you seen it?

  13. Looks like a great day! LOL @ the label maker!

  14. I am your newest follower from the blog hop. Please follow me as well. Thank you.

    The Disconnected Writer


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