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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Way with Words

The kids had the day off yesterday for Columbus Day.  We went to see Gramma and although the kids were excited to see her they did ask about eleven-teen times each if Grampa was going to be there.  Maybe it is his colorful language that makes them love him so much. 

Here are some of his favorites.
1. "I gonna knock a knot on your head so high you will have to climb a ladder to scratch it."
~ Dad would never have conked us on the head, but this saying always baffled us.

2. "You will be walking down the street kicking a can sayin 'Who da thought it?'"
~ I am not even sure what this means? We would be homeless?

3. "You screwed that up like a soup sandwich."
~Self explanatory

4. "You will enjoy driving when you learn how!"
~ This may be where I inherited my road rage!

5. Growing up if we ever asked, "What's for dinner?"  we got this response.
"Wind Puddin' and Walk About."

~ I have no IDEA what even means.

Have you heard any of these.  Does your family have any colorful sayings of your own??

I will hopefully get back to real bloggin' on day when my computer decides it likes pictures again.  Ho hum. 


  1. Oh, we don't say anything as colorful as that.
    Really funny.

  2. I love the last one! He reminds me of my gpa. If we ever asked him where he got something he would say 'off a dead Indian lying on the side of the road' and if the question was when something might happen he always said 'next summer at two o clock.'

  3. My grandpa used to have VERY colorful sayings. I got in major trouble once in Sunday School for repeating Jesus' middle name. Who knew?

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I am now a follower.


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