So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A No Good Very Bad Day!!

The students were unusually quiet today even though I was giving a test.  I could tell something was up, but I couldn't find anything wrong.  There eyes were on their own papers.  No one had their cell phone out during the test.

Finally at the end of the period two nice students came to me and asked me if I knew theanswer key to the test was copied with the test and stapled to the back of each one.  Nice.

I asked one of the students if they used the key and he said, "No.  I thought it might be a trick to see if we would be honest."  Hilarious.

They will be taking the test in a mixed up order again tomorrow.

The next period some kid wanted to get into a fight with a friend.  He started taking off his shoes, necklace and shirt.  It may have been funny if he wasn't so agitated.  I got him out of the room without incident and before he stripped nekkid.  Thank goodness there was no harm, no nudity.

Allergy shots took too long and I didn't get to work out.  And I was late getting home from Saigie.


I am now at home drowning by sorrows by buying some uninterrupted time while the kids play with water on the back porch.  (No worries my car temp. read 94 on the way home!) I also promised Ty I would watch CSI with him tonight.  I am looking forward to it!! 


  1. Next time put a wrong answer key on the back of the test. Could work wonders...

  2. Wow, sounds like quite the day. Why was he taking his shoes off to fight? Necklace and shirt I can understand. I bet you have some interesting times being a teacher.`

  3. I love the idea of putting the wrong answers!!

  4. I do NOT envy teachers. In my homeschool career I ran a number of classes, small number of kids, usually very advanced and curious, and still at times I wanted to ship them all to a far away place. Which reminds me, I have another class to get ready for. Reading blogs is more fun though. :)

  5. I love the wrong answers idea!!!


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