So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Snack Anyone?

Again I am a mind reader.
These are Shaye Baby's thoughts.

What?  Why are you freaking out?  I am just having a snack.  I am hungry.  Can't a baby help herself to a bite around here?
Oh.  You want to SEE the snack.  Fine.  Here it is. I'll spit it out.
Why do you wish I wouldn't eat dog food.  The dog doesn't mind sharing.

Fine then.  I won't actually eat.  I will just put it between my cheek and gum like a little Pedigree dip. 

And also..thanks for finally buying a chick a pair of shoes.  Shees.
And.....does this shirt make my belly look tubby?


  1. LOL!! awwww...... lol..... pedigree

  2. Dog food? Ewwwwww!

    She's a cutie.

  3. such a cutie. "What mom, I didn't take anything."

  4. must not taste that bad though!


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