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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Ale Trial

I have been wanting to try pumpkin ale.  I like pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pie, so I figured I would like this too.

I begged politely asked The Coach to do a taste test with me.  I tried to lure him in by saying we would then blog about it.  I am sure that was the kicker.

I went to the store and purchased Harvest Moon's pumpkin ale, because I like their regular ale.  After that I went back to the store all over again and got dishwasher soap.  Fun.

I got home and we ate dinner, got the kids to bed, and settled on the couch.  It was time to crack open an ale.  The coach didn't want one.  So I drank alone.  The first sign of a problem.  Great.

It was different.  It didn't taste pumpkiny, or spice-ish really.  I like dark beer, and this wasn't exactly light beer, but the taste was harsh and unusual.  It wasn't what I expected.  Maybe I was supposed to put an orange in it like Harvest Moon?

Later in bed I started to ridicule The Coach for his lack of review participation.
Here is how that conversation went.

Me:  You agreed to the taste test andI went and bought it, but then you didn't taste the beer.
The Coach : I hate pumpkin.
Me:  Then why did you agree to the taste test? 
The Coach: You asked me to.
Me:  Argh
The Coach: Was is good?
Me: No.  Not really.

For some reason that made him think he was justified in his complete failure to follow through on our agreement.
He wasn't.

Me:  While you are up do you want to do a blog interview for me.
The Coach:  Sure.
Me: ................................................................. I don't have any questions thought up.

I have five more of these ales left. 
I guess I will bring them to the next family function and try to give them to my unsuspecting, pesky brothers.  (I will warn my dad.)
Or I could just drink them.  Maybe they would be better with pumpkin pie. Beer and pie anyone?  Yuck.

Next I am going to review pumpkin whoopie cookies.  They are awesome.  Yes.  I am going to review something I already  have tried.  It's a sure thing.  Now if I can just get my mom to make them for me.  Mom?


  1. Upon reading the title, my first thought was, "Eww!" LOL Your review of Pumpkin Ale is so honest, I now know I will never plan on purchasing. Beer and pumpkin just don't sound like a good thing, do they? ;o) Happy Wednesday, my bloggy friend! word verification is close to spelling Belch. Is that a hint? LOL

  2. Warm them up on the stove, add honey and spices you like (cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon) - do not boil. Drink on cold, dark evenings.

  3. I was thinking pumpkin ale would be delicious... I swear I gain 10 lbs this time every year because of pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes... PLEASE review pumkin whoopie pies ...hugs.. (aww coach is a good sport...)

    after you said beer and pie I started thinking about how I've been having wine and chocolate at night lately..... weird..huh??

  4. Blogg Hopped

    I love pumpkin...but I'm with your husband on this one. i don't think I would try it either.

  5. I'm always up for trying anything. Anything that sounds delicious anyways. And I do love pumpkin. So I would likely try it too. If I was not pregnant. But I say - give Ewa's suggestion a try. That sounds more delicious.

  6. I don't like beer at all. Yuck. Now, some Jose Cuervo is a good friend of mine. Being from Texas, I might be a fan of the margarita. You could try to make beer bread with it, or chili.

  7. Yeah... pumpkin is great in so many things, but I just couldn't even picture the beer thing. But I am sitting here waiting for you to post pictures of the drool-worthy pumpkin whoopie pies... because those sound FANTASTIC!

  8. I don't like beer so I wouldn't like the pumpkin ale.

    But pumpkin whoopie pies sound amazing!


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