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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Didn't Quit

I didn't quit doing triathlons.  I haven't quit running and working out.  I just haven't had much exciting happen in the way of running or biking lately.  That is a good thing.  I haven't been chased by any mean or needy dogs.  Just one needy kid chasing me around the block.  Kidding.  That is Saigie practicing for her one mile fun run.
I have remembered my phone and my helmet almost every ride.  Woot.  (Immediately after writing this a high school student nearly ran over me as I was passing the high school on my bike at dismissal time. I won't ride at that time ever again.) 
(MOM.  I exaggerate to make the blog more interesting. )

My next race is Sunday.  It is the Katy Triathlon at Firethorne.

I like this triathlon.  I have done it before.  It is close by, so I don't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn. The water is going to be on the cold side, but it will be fine at least I won't have to worry about alligators.  Maybe the cold will make me swim faster.  The forecast is calling for temps between 67 and 87 that day with a chance of thunderstorms.  Hey!  No fair.  We have not had a drop of rain since the last triathlon. 

Finishing this triathlon will accomplish my goal of eight triathlons in eight months.  I already have a 5k lined up for Thanksgiving.  I also was dumb enough to let one of my coworkers talk me into the HUGE half marathon here in January.  What was I thinking?  I don't do half marathons!  Many of my coworkers are doing it as well so I guess that is why I got caught up in the excitement.

So I figured if I find a race to do in December, February and March then I will have done twelve races in a year.  Anyone know any good races during those months in the Houston area?  Maybe a duathlon?  I have never done one, but what the heck?

So that is my new goal. 

In other hobby related news.....I think I have decided to get a Garmin.  I have a Nike ipod plus and it works, but it doesn't record your time each mile so I have to do a lot of math and remembering each mile.  Neither of those are my strong suit.  I found a Garmin Forerunner 305 on e-bay for around 60.00.  My problem is this:  I still want a pair of skinny jeans I mentioned here, but it would be irresponsible to buy both this month.  (I wouldn't have any money left over for coffee or Sonic.)

So go ahead and weigh in - Garmin, skinny jeans?  Garmin, skinny jeans?  (Third option stealthily rob The Coach of his allowance and buy both.)


  1. You know you're my hero for just getting out there and running, right? Break down the cost-per-day on your two purchases. Example: Times you use the Garmin vs. Purchase Price. Whichever is less, is the one you should buy first. :o) Not a fun answer, but practical. Happy Thursday!

  2. I vote skinny jeans but only because I don't know what a Garmin is, haha. I kid, I kid...I totally agree with the comment above mine.
    I've been reading all about your races and I am so inspired by you to get off my butt and just get moving. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore I don't have any excuses.

  3. I vote for Garmin with a word of warning that it can be addictive. It is a great tool and it motivates (at least me) to work harder so I can fit into those skinny jeans that have 'shrunk' lately.

  4. The NOT runner in me votes for skinny jeans! But in your case...go for the Garmin. :)

  5. I'm with Hydrant girl... get 'em both. Coach won't mind! :) Great job with all the races!!

    I have the Nike sensor too, it's just silly that it doesn't have a way to track the mile for each time. If you do go with the Garmin, I will definitely be jealous. :)

  6. Steal the Coach's money and get both! :)

  7. I think you'd love a duathlon! But then I could never get on board with swimming. I did a tri for the sense of accomplishment and now it's dus for me here on out! I say get the Garmin and then Nov. 1 (new month!) spring for the jeans! :)


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