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Monday, September 20, 2010

New Do

WARNING TO MY BEST FRIEND, PREETI: Go read another blog. Click here. Noelle is a sweetheart and she has beautiful long hair.

I was off Friday and my birthday is coming up so The Coach decided to treat me with a hair do and a nails do before taking me out to dinner and a movie.

Super fun.

Here is s short history of my hair. (I know you have been sitting at home wondering, "What is the history of Heather's hair?")

This picture is about three months post Shaye Baby, but pre "hair leaping from head as if it were escaping the Titanic." If it would have stayed like this I would have been happy with it.

After I had Shaye Baby at least half of it fell out. Seriously when she was six months old I went to get a trim and the lady who has been doing my hair for a few years literally gasped. Up until that point I had a thick head of hair. It seems each baby takes a little more with it. It's only temporary though, so I figured I would stick it out. I had been growing my hair for three years and I thought if I just didn't look at it for long enough one day it would be beautiful . Ok. I would have settled for acceptable. (I was also willing to ignore the fact that when I exited the shower it looked like Chewbacca had bathed there.)

My hair started growing back in gray and kinky. So I had half as much and the new hair was gnarly. Lovely. I started coloring at home which probably didn't help the texture which reminded me of........hmmmmmmmmm. What did it remind me of? HAY! STRAW! BAD CARPET!

This was about four months later. The hair inspired the, "Bad hair? Show more chest" phase of my life.

I struggled through the summer mostly wearing pony tails.
When school started I agonized over what to do. I got a trim, but mostly left it.

It looked bad.
It felt bad.
It took too long to do. (Seriously if hair is going to take thirty minutes to do it should look awesome.)

That is pretty much three strikes.
Hair out. (Off.)

I would say my hair has been mostly short since kindergarten when my mom chopped me from waist length hair to a Hammel cut. (Spelling?)

My mom likes it short.
The Coach loves it short.
I like it short. I feel cutest with it like this. It is easy. Occasionally I worry that I appear old and
"butchy", but that is no worse than how I felt with the stringy straw hair. And a big honking pair of earrings usually fixes that feeling.

My best friend, Preeti, does NOT like it short. She hasn't since we were in the sixth grade.
We seem to agree to disagree on many things. She thinks I am trying to kill her when I attempt to talk her into doing a triathlon with me. I like to treat technology is if it were a passing fad.
My hair though seems to be a constant bone of contention!
I say, "Just cuz it long, don't mean it look good." - Poor grammar for added emphasis.
She says, "That haircut is ugly." She never actually said that. I imagine that is what she is thinking. (Cuz she has said plenty. Believe me!)

So here I am now.(Odd that in none of these shots can my nose ring be seen.)

What about you? How do you like your hair? Does your best friend agree??

(Notice I did NOT ask what you thought about the new do. In case you were going to give Preeti some more ammunition.)


  1. Very cute! Mine's been long with a few horrendous exceptions. I don't know what I would do without a ponytail

  2. I like it! It looks great, and I wish I had the guts to go short.

  3. Okay Now... Since you are going to try and LIE about me.. I better speak up!
    This is Preeti(The BFF)... since 6th grade, since the Sammy Hagar phase in High School, the Sally Jessey glasses in college, and the seriously butch dos in the last 6-10yrs... (not that there is anyting wrong with that!)
    You are a beautiful girl! You look great as long as you have a big smile on your face...
    Do with your life (and hair) what makes you happy and I will love you and be your BFF no matter what...
    Happy Birthday-eve Heather!!

  4. I love it!! I wish I could have short hair.. but my hair is sooo curly when short turns into a little baby afro... I think its cool you and Best friend are close enough to be honest.. im gonna borrow her for swim suit shopping.....HUGS

  5. I think it looks fabulous! And I LOVE Preeti's comment! You are a beautiful lady! Happy Birthday, Heather!

  6. Awwww! Your BFF is so sweet!
    You look fantastic! You wear it well. So stylish! Really. Not everyone can pull that off! Now you need a new profile pic...with your new do!
    Thanks for helping with our little project! We are so excited...and really appreciate it!

  7. You didn't ask...but I will tell.

    Heather, you look Mah-vel-ous!


    I love my hair in a short bob. I have wavy hair. My hubby hates it that way, though, and every time I get my hair like that he thinks I'm doing it to torture him and prove some point. Weird. So, I don't do that anymore. It's not worth it. Whatev.

    I'm currently trying to grow my hair long. Luckily, it grows quickly. It is currently falling out due to some meds I'm taking...again, I'm so GLAD I have thick hair! You can't tell too much!!!!

    I think hair changes a lot after 40...I really do!

  8. LMAO @ "bad hair? show more chest phase! That's great!

    What's up with giving birth and going half bald anyway?

    Anyhoo--your hair looks fab!! You're gorgeous! Happy early Bday!

  9. I keep mine long, but only because I can then tie it back in a pony tail at all times. Cut short it sticks out and curls in all the wrong places. But yours? Yours looks great.

  10. You look just fantastic!!!
    I love short hair in general (easy to take care of) but for your face this is especially great look.
    I don't know why we lose hair anytime there is a change. For us, perimenopausal women loss of hair is a sad, sad reality. Short hair seem to hide that fact a little.
    Now the whole world knows why my hair is short too. :)


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