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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gifts! Gifts?

My folks came over last night to celebrate my birthday. Traditions says that Mom cooks whatever is requested by the birthday boy/girl. I wanted stew. Mom made it. A LOT OF IT! (Stew will heal me. I am sure of it.) She also brought two pies - the pie of death (peanut butter) and pumpkin pie! Thanks Mom!

She also brought me my birthday present.
A Swiffermop for hardwood floors. (Which she insists on calling a "Swifter.")
scrubby sponges
regular sponges
white wash clothes - white for bleaching
colored wash clothes
a meat tenderizer

Hmmmmm? Do you get the feeling my mom is not all that impressed with my housekeeping skills?

Dad brought me
red wine
cholocolates - The chocolates had a note attached saying they were too good to share and should be eaten after the kids were in bed. HA!

Dad wins!
Just kidding. My folks also gave me the gift of shopping. So while I should be teaching about the American Revolution today I will be day dreaming about shopping!!

Thanks for all your words of encouragement. I am feeling better already. (That was a lie, but I am trying to convince myself.)


  1. I've been watning a meat tenderizer (which I call a meat hammer, even though it's wrong, but kind of right.)

    Wine and chocolate, you're dad knows his stuff!

  2. YOUR. Sorry, personal pet peeve.

  3. I'd say your dad definitely needs to be in charge of birthday gifts! :) Feel better!

  4. Pies, chocolate, wine, stew - that will surely get you up on your feet soon.
    Happy B-day.

  5. I'd have to say the pie of death sounds pretty tasty! Your mom's gifts sound like something my mom would give me. New but functional things... no need to be frivolous now. :)

    Also, I'm sure your stuffed up head just made you miss a space in "ALOT" being a teacher and all and as much into words and everything as you are I know that you know it is two separate words. I hate to proofread... but that's a big one for me and you have it in all caps and I know you'd want to fix it. Sorry. :( (Please don't hate me for pointing it out... I wouldn't normally)

    Stew will heal you though, especially if your mom made it, moms are magical that way!

  6. I've been off the air but focus on hydration now and I'm sure you'll do well in your race. Save the "cholocolates" for afterwards.

    BTW: Dad's always win.

  7. aww, it sounds so sweet. hope you had a great birthday! stopping by from NFF


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