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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Agony on Me.

Yes. Enough physical agony and mental anguish to call upon Hee Haw.

The longest race of my triathlon career, ahem hobby, is scheduled for Sunday.

I have been trying to avoid saying this. Like I am not trying to give my pre sucky excuses.


There is no way around it.

I can't deny it.


Fever, runny nose, chest congestion. Can't breathe. Headache. Unable to write a proper sentence.

I have trained for this race for FIVE MONTHS. I have been getting up at 4:30 am to run. I haven't slept late on a weekend for who knows how long. (Neither has The Coach. If I am gone, that leaves only one person to get up with early rising babies.) I have green hair from the pool. I have permanent bike grease on my calves. I have been leaving the babies late at the sitter's to work out. I have severe biker's tan. I got used to the nasty taste of Gatorade for the sake of Pete.

And now that the race is FOUR DAYS AWAY.....I am sick. I am sick?

Woe, Despair and Agony on me.

In a fit of optimism I picked up my packet today. Then I decided on a short run. I haven't worked out since Sunday.

I made it a half mile. I got a terrible side cramp and went home. And wrote this post.

Now I am going to go eat pie. A whole pie.

Suggestons? Miracle Cures? Please?



  1. Sorry, I've got nothing but "let your body heal......." and eat lots more pie to drown your sorrows. I hope you find a miracle cure and can kick a**.

  2. I'm so sorry you're sick. It seems like everyone is sick right now. Lots and lots of fluids... maybe a sauna or two, the Norwegians swear by them. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  3. Will it make you feel better when I tell you I got swine flu 3 days before my marathon last fall?
    Maybe it won't but trust me, I know how you feel. Now you still have 5 days and just view those days as very intense taper. Rest, eat natural vitamins, heck, eat any vitamins, drink and believe you are better already. See yourself strong and healthy.

  4. Have you tried Airborne?!?! Maybe that would help! I hope you feel better soon!! Rest, Rest, Rest!!

  5. You need to read this:

    And hopefully, laughter being the best medicine, it'll help get you back on top of your game. Feel better!

  6. Sorry got no suggestions other than get lots of rest and maybe you'll feel better by then.

  7. There's still time...take it slow and wait. You can still compete, but don't take it too hard when you don't win.

  8. Lots and lots of prayer .... and chicken soup and orange juice! NO SUGAR though! Put DOWN that pie! Wishing you well!

  9. At the risk of sounding all Mary-Fucken-Sunshiny, you'll be fine! Your body knows what it has to do. Let it be sick. Let it heal. On Sunday you will be the queen of the triathletes! How exciting! You are truly a superhero! Good luck! go curl up on the couch under a blanket and let your body do its thing!


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