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Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome Back

Your Dreams are Your Ticket Out.

(My students NEVER know what that is from anymore.)

So this morning I had to jump out of the van in my pj's and pull Tanner off of the high school bus after I saw a guy with a beard and a tattoo, smoking a cigarette and counting out his child support payment get on. I had to wave down the bus and then ask like an idiot if it was the high school or junior high bus. Then I got a VERY embarrassed Tanner off and tried to assure him none of those kids would remember him. They are in high school and just barely awake.

Later I waited and waited and waited trying to pick Tanner up from football. I sat in my van with visions of him pass out with heat exhaustion, (the heat index at the time of football practice was 109.) the coaches frantically trying to revive him. I had to embarrass him yet again when I walked up to some kid waiting for his mom (he had visions of her passing out from heat exhaustio because she had to put on pantyhose this morning.) and asked him to go into the locker room and yell, "Tanner" until someone responded."

I have pictures and also pictures of Tayte on his birthday.
I do not have pictures of ME on the first day, but rest assured I was looking very professional and competent. I have the blisters to prove it. Maybe I will take pictures of those. (Funny how quickly wearing flip flops turns your heels soft.)

I am going to go ahead and post this though so I can cross "post blog" off my list of things to do.

Have a great DAY!!

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