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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tayte has just been saying the cutest things lately.

His new breakfast order this week, since we ran out of Pop-Tarts has been as follows.

"Fruit Loots. In a bowl with a spoon and a couple milk."

Does he think if he is not specific I will just pour some on the table? Well actually that is what I do for Shaye Baby so he is not far off.

His prayers have also evolved. He used to say, "Thank you." for a list of people. The list is getting longer and also more specific.

We have the usual suspects: Gramma, Grampa, Mia, Pa Pa. Ty, Tanner, Saigie, Shaye Baby, Mom and Dad. Mr. Barry (That is Ty, Tanner and Saigie's dad.) AunaManna, Uncle Ryan, Brennan, Blake, Cooper, Cade. Aunt Tia (His sitter.) Garrett, Reyna, Aunt Preeti and Tim. Tim's car and Aunt Preeti's car. Clem (Our dog.) Clem's ears and nose, and feet, and eyes and mouth. Our house. The workermans who built our house. Our kitchen. The lights in our kitchen.
Our cups and bowls and plates.

He also tells me from time to time to give him a kiss. After I do he says, "No. Give me a SMACKER!!" (He learned this from Grampa.)

He is just one of the sweetest three year olds ever made. Oh yes. He had a birthday I didn't blog about. I guess that is his cross to bear having a birthday the week school starts. Poor guy.

Poor............but adorable.

Imagine a picture here.

Good day.

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