So many kids, I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Strange Baby

See this perfectly sweet baby. This is one of the reasons I do not clean. Too much help. Every time she hears the dishwasher open she races her little booty over and climbs inside it.

No matter how many times I take her out when I turn around again there she is. I am tempted to open it up sometimes and just let her play there so I can get some peace and quiet.

When I first realized we were getting a porch I was so excited. I envisioned relaxing evenings on the porch with my feet up. In these musings I would be drinking a mint julep. (I would also know what a mint julep was.)

The reality is that when we are out there though I spend most of my time swatting hawk sized mosquitos and removing mulch from Shaye's mouth.

Now as far as parenting goes as much as possible I try to employ the "live and learn" approach to life. Instead of nagging about say...eating a triple decker hamburger before football practice in the 95 degree heat I just let the kid do it and then throw up at practice. Henceforth he will have to run more as punishment for throwing up on the field.

I tried to employ this method with Shaye. I figured that after putting a piece of mulch in her mouth she would realize it tastes yucky and spit it out.

Not so. Apparently she likes the taste of mulch and I can never relax on the porch as I always am having to intervene and dig soggy pieces of mulch out of her mouth. When I do she gives me the "stink eye". See above.

I tried yesterday do sprinkle cereal on the porch as a distraction. It worked for a little while. Not long.

Such is life I guess.

(Hey look I forgot to tell you. I got her ears pierced. I know some people object, but I think it is cute. So, I did it.)


  1. Wow! Five kids? Right now I am kneeling and bowing before you. I was your age when I had my only child....who shall remain so...Four years later I am still learning as I go.

    I agree with you about the burger/football analogy (or maybe it wasn't an analogy), offer the advice and if they don't want to take it, let 'em live and learn (all within reason of course).

  2. how cute. mine do the same and broke the door and now it hangs down to the floor.

    and love your blog! gave you an award! :)

  3. HI Heather!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your super sweet comments. I love your blog. Oh, how I miss my kiddies when they were crawling in my dishwasher!!! (I never thought I'd say that). Cuties you have! :)


  4. Adorable pics! Love the pierced ears--Thing 1 just got hers done 2 weeks ago.

  5. I'm getting a new deck and I am hella excited. Of course, my kids are past the mulch eating stage...though I still find it in my youngest son's pocket. For some reason he loves to play with the mulch from the playground at school. Weird.

  6. Very adorable pics. I got both my girls' ears pierced at 3 months, I think it's very cute.

  7. following you via social parade.

    Your children are beautiful and your daughter looks very cute with her ear stud!

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  11. Oh my. It looks like she keeps you busy :)

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