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Friday, July 2, 2010

Little Hitler Girl

I realize I haven't written many posts lately about Saigie. Mostly this isn't my fault because she has been experiencing a whirlwind of activity staying with Gramma and Granny each a week. Plus she spent a week at church camp for the first time. She has been enjoying this time away from, "The Brothers". Also though she has been busy taking over the world.

Yup. You read that correctly. My sweet, bangs in the face daughter has an evil plan. She stands here in my classroom on a chair to reach my pull down maps and begins her overtaking. Out loud, holding a ruler as a pointer. It helps me concentrate on my work as Summer School Gopher. Really it does.

For some reason she decided to start off with Russia. I interrupted her and told her France was a better bet since historically they tend to surrender quickly. She claimed she couldn't find France and was sticking with her first choice. Apparently being the biggest country on the map has proved to be its downfall.

Here is what I have been able to gather so far from her auditory planning and scribbled notes.

~ All people who are mean to her are being launched to Jupiter.
This of course includes both brothers. Tan Man pointed out to her that he could not possibly be launched as Obama closed NASA and there is a lack of aeronautical equipment. (How does he even KNOW that? We avoid political discussions in our house as to stay married.) She claimed not to care about his problems. (I really don't know where she gets that attitude.)

~ All people who kill whales are going "somewhere where there aren't even any whales." I know because she wrote that down.

~ People she doesn't know and doesn't care about are going to small island, smaller than Texas. I didn't see any diagrams or anything for how she is going to get the rather large population of Asia on a small island, but I had to quit looking and go deliver paper clips, because my summer job is crucial like that.

I finally asked her where The Coach and I were going to be and she said, "With me!" That really wasn't specific so I inquired as to where she would be. "Everywhere." was her reply. I tried to explain to my Omni-present Little Dictator that I wouldn't be very happy if two of my kids were on Jupiter. She told me, "It will just be for four years. Pretend they are at college."

Of course.

Finally she revealed to me that the impetus behind this whole diabolical scheme was to save the Bengal Tiger. Well that goes without saying. Why didn't I think of that?

Finally Ty comes over to me and says, "Why can't I have a little sister who isn't planning world domination like a regular family?"

I don't know Ty. I just don't know.

( I would have loved to have included pictures of this whole thing. She and her plans were quite cute. However I can't figure how to do this on Sweet Aunt's computer - remember we are homeless for 28 more days.)

Stay tuned for Saige's plan to destroy all the automatically flushing toilets in the world. Why? They get your hiney wet, and they waste water.

Here are the hops!!

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