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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dead Monkeys

My granny taught us all a song as kids. Tayte is especially fond of it. And not just because we bribe him with gum to sing it. Over and over.

I had a little monkey.

Took him to the country.

Fed him on Gingerbread.

Along came a choo choo.

Knocked him Cuckoo

Now my little monkey's dead.

He's dead Ruth Hon.

(My Granny's name was Ruth and she added that last part.)

Have ANY of you ever heard of this song? Did she make it up? I tried to teach it to my best friend's twins, but she asked me, "Why? Why would you sing that to them?" Honestly it didn't occur to me that might be considered creepy till she said that. Oops.

I love that Tayte is walking around singing this like we did. It does make me miss Granny though. She met my two oldest kids. I was lucky to have her around as long as I did I know. Many people have lost theirs much earlier.

I wish she could have met the rest of my kids. She would have eaten them up. And I think she would have LOVED Tayte's red hair.

Ok. Not many people have signed up for the Giveaway and I really want to give one of my readers some coffee from Starbucks, or something. Please go here and sign up. Ok. You don't even have to play the movie quote game. Just comment if you follow!! I am beginning to think I did something wrong. (Like maybe attempt this on the weekend of the 4th. Hello? Is anyone out there?)


  1. When I saw the title of this post and started reading I thought a new contest could be to make your own song given the parameters around dead monkeys. Imagine the possibilities!

    PS: I don't Starbucks but good luck with the give away.

  2. I LOVED that. My dad was a huge singer of songs and I've passed those on to my kids. Loved your grandma's song.

    I'm on vacation this week with my energizer crazed bunny family, but I'll be back to beloved blogworld in full force next week.

  3. I've never heard it, but I don't think it is any cepier that 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and breaking their head! I think it is wonderful you have such a cute way to remember Granny Ruth!


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