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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knocking on Wood

I KNOW I am going to regret saying this the week before my next race, but I have not yet crashed on my bike. It's a new bike and I am still getting used to the aerobar and clipless pedals.

Reading this post from Rock Star Tri brought back all my crash anxieties.

I used to ride on a lovely isolated, tree lined back path. I'll give you a moment to visualize.

Now I ride on a farm to market road that intermittently feeds onto the highway. Visualize eighteen wheelers, farm equipment, and crazy people going twenty miles over the speed limit.

The worst thing that was going to happen o me on the trail was that I would run over a small child, or be eaten by an alligator, or perhaps get vandalized by poor spellers.

Now I could imagine all kinds of painful demises. Worse ones than alligators even.

Here are the top ways I would like NOT to crash.

1. I would definitely prefer not to crash into a car, or eighteen wheeler. (Unless the eighteen wheeler is soft, stopped and full of Oreos.)

2. I would like not to crash into another rider. (I have only seen a couple on the road and that was when I accidtally got in the middle of the race. The SAG vehicle pulled up to me to see if I was lost.)

3. No trees, or telephone poles.

4. I don't want to go over the handlebars when I am surprised by yet another set of railroad tracks.

5. Rather not fall over while swerving to miss mysterious roadkill.

Basically the only way I WANT to crash is into a nice fluffy mattress or a hill of cotton or something.

But I know an eventual crash is unavoidable.

Back, back, back in the day when I was a competitive gymnast (Don't be impressed. I didn't win anything.) we had to practice falling. We had to practice over rotating off the vault, or while tumbling. All of that. We did it by falling on purpose and practicing proper technique, butt out, arms and wrists in.

So...............should I practice bike crashing? Into a soft ditch? Bushes?
And what exactly is the proper technique? Helmet first? Butt first? Can anyone help me here?

This whole post is now irrevelevant since as soon as my mom reads it I will be grounded. I think I am still not allowed to cross the street.


  1. When I read that post my anxiety came back too. Go figure.

    There are certain accidents that you can practice for but others you cannot. I do have to say that I've found out during my two "epic" bike accidents is that "face first" and "through the windshield" aren't the best techniques.

    With all that, I rode back after the latest accident and I'll be outside on the bike again soon.

    In all seriousness, safety first. Wear your helmet. Tell people where you are riding. Bring ID (like a road ID) and it is best to ride with others.

  2. The thought of practicing how to crash cracks me up!

  3. I love that your mom is going to ground you! Made me laugh right out loud. I did crash into a telephone pole once...wouldn't recommend it.

    When my husband was trying to convince me that I should 'clip in' instead of using regular pedals he said this:

    "You'll fall. You'll fall a lot so what we'll do is find a nice grassy spot where you can practice and when you fall it won't hurt as bad."

    I still haven't switched pedals. Nice try honey...that's what I said.

  4. Oh man...I wish I knew a good way to fall. I have a few crash stories...some as unsophisticated as me getting caught on the lip of a curb in a driveway...on a main road w/ a ton of cars watching me...all the while I was wearing my backpack, had my hair in two braid and wearing my helmet. And I was about 32 at the time....

  5. I don't know the proper way to crash, but I can tell you the best way not to crash is face first!

  6. Bike crashing practice. I love it.
    Oh do be careful! Just don't crash at all.

  7. I am your newest follower!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

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  9. Hi Heather. Thanks for swinging by my blog and saying hello. 5 kids? Who does that?! What are you—insane?!!

    Know the feeling about all the talking. It never ends in our house. Do you find the most difficult time of day right before dinner like we do? The kids are hungry and cranky.

    Look forward to following your blog!

  10. Just ease your way into the aero bars, that takes a second to get used to. Don't forget to clip out of your pedals when you stop. That's a totally avoidable crash.

    Seriously though, be careful. Rockstar Tri is 110% correct. I ride on PCH in Orange County CA a lot and it can be rough on the weekends. Extra vigilance.


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