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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wanna Bet?

My husband likes to gamble. He doesn't do it much. If he wasn't financially responsible for all of us though he would spend a lot of his time betting on sports, or anything really. He is like that guy in the Twain story "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" except he would never fall for a frog full of shot.

A game we often play is, "What's the bet?" This could be said before a game of cards, or maybe about whether or not Pujols is going to go yard. He might say it regarding whose favorite team, the Astros (mine) or the Cardinals (his) will be ahead at the All Star Break. (I won't be making that bet this year.) He has often said it before a heated Scrabble match. (Seriously they are heated. We had to stop playing for about a year lest a game end in divorce.) Currently I owe him a car detailing from the last time I lost at bowling.

Monday he asked, "What's the bet?" Then he answered himself. The bet was 100 dollars. We have never bet money before. Usually the wager is a house cleaning job, or picking the next movie, or who gets to sleep late on the weekend. The Smartest Man in the World should have known I would NEVER bet my allowance (especially TWO allowances) unless I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I was right.

He wanted to bet on the location of a certain shoe store in the mall. He claimed it was on one side. I claimed the other.

He had reason to doubt me. My complete lack of a sense of direction is the stuff legends are made of. I have lived here nearly my whole life and I am just beginning to grasp the layout of this city. It really doesn't help each highway has multiple names. For example 45 is the North Freeway, 59 the Eastex Freeway. We could go on and on, but really those two are the only ones I am certain of. Ok. I am not even certain of those two. Leave corrections in the comment section.
I have been known to pick people up at the wrong airport. I often have to call Mom or The Coach to get alternates routes to places. Both of them have an uncanny knack for knowing where I am and The Coach has not even lived here a decade.

Everyone figured out a long time ago though I understand directions better when given in relation to a mall. They just tell me the nearest mall and I at least know what direction to go. And once IN the mall I will never fail. I told Mike this as a warning, "I may have no sense of direction, but don't ever doubt me about the mall!" He didn't heed my advice. The bet was on. Saigie was called to witness the bet AND.........I was right.

Woot! One Hundred Dollars. What will I buy? A couple of summer outfits? Shoes? A map of the mall for The Coach?
Of course he said he wasn't paying me until I detail his car. Argh. When will I learn not to bet against him in athletic events??

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  4. How could a man bet against a woman's intuition when it comes to shopping?

    I'm embarrassed to say that my 4th grader is better than I am at remembering where we parked the car. I am hoping he doesn't get my direction challenged genes!

  5. Hahaha- that is hilarious! NEVER doubt a woman and her abilities to find a shoe store. What was he thinking?

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  7. Ooh, a fellow woman married to a Cardinals fan. My husband looooooves the Cards. I'm a fan by association, which means I tolerate having the game on when he's watching tv. :-)

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  11. I'm so glad you won that bet! Not that I had any doubt in you. :)

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  13. I used to be horribly geographically challenged. Not so much anymore but once on a trip to Houston (I grew up in Pt Neches, outside of Beaumont)we went by way of I-10 instead of on Hwy 73 through Pt Arthur like we usually did and at one point I asked my daddy how far we were from I-10. He looked at me in the rear-view mirror, opened his door (while driving down the interstate no less), closed it and said "About 18 inches." I've never lived that down so don't feel bad! Yay for winning bets and more importantly, for shoes helping you win!

  14. OOh my gosh - that is too hilarious! I was sitting there reading all about your *ahem* sense of direction, but I knew you were a girl through and through... shoe stores are nothing to kid about! :)

    Whoo-hoo! Be sure to share pictures of your prizes!

    (And I am cracking up at Leiah's comment too... hilarity in your comments section!)

    Thansk for linking up!

  15. I think that your hubby shoulda known that he had a better shot betting on the frog full of shot than a woman not knowing where a shoe store was in the mall....

    Seriously he had better stick to sports...

    Just saying.... ROFL

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  18. your blog is so cute! i love the spelling of your kids names!


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