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Monday, May 31, 2010

Saige September

Today is Saigie's ninth birthday.

She is so excited she is beside herself.
In our family the rule is that each child may have a birthday party ever other year. It is Saige's year for a birthday party.

We went to see Furry Vengeance. (If you get the chance to do that - don't.) We went to eat pizza, and now a sleepover is in progress.

I thought I would take the opportunity to say a few things about my sweet middle child.

After having two boys I got pregnant again. I knew from the start this one was a girl. I didn't consider any boy names even before the sonogram. My then husband was certain I was going to be devastated if we found out it was a boy. I would not have been, but I wasn't worried. I knew she was a girl.

Saige was born looking around taking it all in. I swear she would recognize the nurses who helped deliver her even now because she was checking out their every move. My mom claims when she held her minutes after her birth Saigie looked at her ad if to say, "Hi. Here I am. What's up?" (I wish I could include a picture to prove this, but they are all packed up.)

Boys are great, but I was relieved to have a partner. I know we are supposed to believe there are no inherent differences between girls and boys and that may be. Maybe it was just a difference in personality, but Saige didn't have to smear strained grean beans in her hair before she found them suitable for eating. When I bathed her she did not get more water on the floor than was in the sink. She has patiently sat through more than her fair share of her brothers' baseball, basketball, and football practices and games, not to mention wrestling meets.

I have to say again I love the energy of boys. It is fun to be rough and get dirty. Every once in a while though it is also fun to play with baby dolls, draw on paper, and fix someone's hair. It is a nice change of pace to not have to sit on a kid to get them to do homework.

She has been such a help with her little brother and sister. I am often overwhelmed with her patience. She puts up with her little brother long after I might have lost my mind. For a few months she was the sole interpreter in our house for him. We would have to take him to her so she could tell us what he wanted.

She is fun little girl and I am sure she is going to grow into an awesome kindergarten teacher/artist/mom/friend.
Happy Birthday Baby. (This is a picture of her excitement and at finding we are finally going to allow her to get a guinea pig.)

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