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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have You Met My Brother?

This is my brother, Uncle J. Doesn't he look like fun? He is.

Please date him.
I am not making this plea because he is strange and can't get a date for himself. He can.

He has many good qualities.
He is funny and relaxed.
He is good with kids.
He has a wonderful family.
He enjoys the occasional chick flick.
He is tall.
He has a healthy desire to get married and have little Uncle Js.
He is nice to small animals.
He has a job.
He has a car.
He does not live with our parents.
He can dance. Kinda.

His one major flaw is....
An ever so slightly questionable taste in women. There I said it. (It's ok. He doesn't read this blog.)

Without going into too much detail he has had girlfriends in the past who:
-Almost got into a fight because another woman gave her the stink eye when we went two stepping.
- Got into the habit of calling my mom - at 2am.
- Dressed so scantily I couldn't get The Coach to make eye contact with me at family functions.
- Didn't like me!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello?

By now you probably realize this plea is completely self serving. I basically want someone Uncle J can bring to holidays and family events who I can have fun with. You know someone nice and fun, but doesn't cook better than me, or drink the wine I like. Someone who would be a good Trivial Pursuit partner (for me, of course) or gets a general grasp of rummy. Is that so much to ask?
So let me know if you are interested in my little brother. This one is going to fast I am sure, cuz there is nothing hotter than your sister trying to get a you a date on her blog.

Here is my big brother, Guns. And before you think you must meet him I'll tell you. He is married to a lovely Norwegian woman, Aunt V. She is proof there is someone in the world for everyone. Without her he is a mess. If anyone tried to come between them I would beat that person up. And have my kids kick them in the shins!!

** The capture of the picture (He is trying to be Princess Leia by the way.) caused my mom to say, "Take your brothers buns from behind." I laughed so hard I had tears.
*** My brother's name is not Guns, but I did not ask permission to use his name and he is a weapons instructor in the army. He is usually armed which is why I don't want to anger him.


  1. Aren't you the best sister ever? I think your older bro should change his name to Guns!

  2. Not nice to tease the single mommies with candy, I mean eligible bachelors. So, how far is he from DC?

  3. How far in Uncle J from Arizona, I have a friend.......

  4. I don't think my husband would like it if I started dating - and every one I know is way North of Tx, so I can't help.

    But he does look like a very nice man - too bad he is attracting the crazies!!

  5. LOL I'm with Angie....don't think the hubby would like me dating, and honestly...we have no room for anyone else in the house. tee hee I do love trivial pursuit and rummy though. :)

  6. Maybe your brother should meet my sister!

  7. Well, wouldn't you know that I'm going to be single in about 2 weeks? Ok, I take that back. Technically single, but already in a relationship. Dang it! You're so cute trying to set him up!

  8. Totally love this! I am actually looking for a lovely lady for my sweet brother in law (husbands brother). Maybe I should give this a try! Good luck! Wouldn't this make a cute story if he met someone this way!
    Happy day!

  9. I am cracking up! Sorry, if I had any single friends, I'd send them over!

    Your family sounds like such fun!


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