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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laundry Doesn't Do Itself

It is Tuesday so I am joining up with a couple of fun linkys. The first is at Babies, Boobies, and a Blog.

The Coach said the following post was TMI. I thought, "All my posts are TMI! " Anyway...consider yourself warned.

Our dryer has been out. It makes a sound like dying cow and smells like a forest fire.

The laundry of seven people piles up quickly. It busted on Saturday, by Wednesday I couldn't even get IN the laundry room.

It reminded me of the time I went on strike. I wasn't mad at anyone. I wasn't trying to teach anyone a lesson or anything. I was just tired of doing laundry. The laundry is completely done one day, folded, put away even. Then the next day it's all back in the laundry room. Remember that story about the shoemaker who had little fairies who made all his shoes at night. I felt like I had fairies that came in the night and pranced around in all of our clothes. While they pranced they rubbed food on our shirts and also they had terrible BO.

I went on a benevolent srtike.

The Coach being the nice, clean socks loving man that he is picked up the slack. He didn't say anything about it he just started doing all the laundry.

My life was perfect.

Until I noticed one day it had been a while since I had any comfortable underwear. You know the kind. The ones with no itchy lace, the ones that are non wedgie inducing. Some people might consider them, granny panties. I had no idea what had happened to all of mine. All I had in my drawer were special occasion, decorative drawers.

I went on a search to see if they had been put in one of the kids' drawers. It was a scary thought since even though there is a 120 pound weight difference between my older boys they will attempt to wear anything they find in their dresser. When you ask one of them why he is wearing shorts that are three times too large/small his answer is, "It was in my drawer."

But no they weren't wearing my undies. Thank Goodness.

I found them in a pile in the bottom of an otherwise empty laundry hamper. It seemed as if The Coach had systematically avoided washing them.

Do you think he was trying to send a message??

By the way, after seven calls to try to schedule service a very nice repairman came out and fixed the dryer. The problem? A pencil had gotten wedged between the back of the dryer that moves and the part that stays still. It was charred. I know which pair of shorts the pencil came out of.....I just don't know which brother was wearing them at the time.

I also enjoy linking up here and discovering new and interesting blogs.

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  1. If I went on strike, everyone would be naked because JP would never pick up the laundry slack. Oh sure, he would complain about not having any socks or underwear but it wouldn't bother him enough to actually do the laundry himself, lol

  2. LOL. At least he did the laundry at all. Mine claims that he doesn't know how to run the washer!

    I'm following from Tuesday Tag Along!

  3. Thank goodness mine are grown. Our 24 year old still lives here because of financial reasons, but he does his own laundry. Even my husband does his own. I finally have made it to the point of only worrying about sheets, blankets, towels and my own clothes. Awesome! Please lead on as I am now following you.

  4. Hi I'm here from Tag along tuesday! Laundry is the pitts LOL

  5. Popping by from Once Upon a Miracle .... if your story was TMI, my blog is off the charts. haha. I have nobody around to pick up my laundry slack either and there's just 2 of us. I can't imagine how it is in your house ... I feel for you.

    Btw, love the cheese-burger cake in another blog of yours :)

  6. Oh my, I soooo hear you on the crazy laundry elves...they wreak their havoc on our home as well! Gotta love hubby only washing the cute underwear...soooo something my hubby would do.

  7. There is not a chance anyone here would pick up the slack.

    Not a chance.

    In fact, a favorite saying, when I am lagging behind is: "The underwear fairy needs to visit soon...I'm running low..."

  8. Yeah ... I would say the Coach had a plan for the undies! :)

    I doubt anyone would pick up the slack in my world. Dishes maybe but laundry? Uh uh.

  9. Hi there! following from TTA! thanks for the chuckle today - the Coach is no dummy, no wonder he didn't say a word about the laundry. What stays out of the wash... stays out of the drawer! too funny : )

  10. Yikes, I wonder if the pencil could have started a fire!

  11. Laundry....never ending saga for us all.
    Enjoyed catching up on your latest posts. Amazing cake...would be fun for a cook out dessert!
    Congrats on your tri! No matter what your times! Awesome! Really!
    Have a great night!

  12. Don't even get me started on laundry...
    I just wanted to comment on your profile from Google Friend Connect (which is what brought me to your site...well, that and a comment you made about having no sense of direction, hence no partner for Amazing Race!) I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag!!

    So, about your profile: You have AND you are a high school teacher?
    What is WRONG with you?!

    Love your site!! I'll be back to commiserate and for more laughs!!


  13. haha! I guess that's what happens when the hubby does the laundry!
    My kids think it's funny to leave crayons in their pockets so I can ruin entire loads of clothes!

  14. Hate laundry too!Following you from TTA!


  15. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    I am shocked your hubby did the laundry, and totally cracking up that he didn't wash your underwear. Still giggling about your fear of your boys possibly wearing them.

    Though my own personal theory is that the hubs just wanted you to wear the undies you had left, right?

    I laughed my way through your post -thanks for linking up!


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