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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cheeseburger Cake

A couple of Mondays ago I wrote about the Monkey Cake for the Just Something I Whipped Up link.
That gave me the itch to find something cute for my daughter's birthday cake which was on Memorial Day. My mom found these directions for a Cheeseburger cake. It looked difficult, but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway. And I am linking up again at The Girl Creative.

It called for two batches of homeade icing, but I just used store bought because I am lazy. It ended up taking THREE containers of frosting. (Sugar high anyone?)

First you make a regular plan cake mix and divide into three pans. Just bake it regular. (Why did mine turn out so uneven?)

Then when it cools off you start the icing extravaganza!!

(Make sure your assistant wear a helmet. This could be dangerous.)

I had to mix the white icing with instant coffee and coacoa to get it bun colored. (Also we needed the caffiene to fully take advantage of all the sugar. ) Then I frosted one half of one cake and put the frosting side down on a plate. The top of it got darker brown frosting - more coa coa. It was the meat. Then I added different colors of fruit roll up for the cheese and the lettuce.

Then some frosting I had made orange and put nuts in for the russian dressing. Basically after that you just keep going with other colored frosting for different hamburger things: tomato, another bun, more meat. Then finally the top bun and some sesame seeds.

Am I violating copyright laws by posting a picture of the magazine? It was Family Circle if giving credit helps.

Mine didn't turn out quite as professionally as the one in the magazine. Big surprise! But it was cute enough. The coffee in the bun icing caused it to taste a tad funky though, so I would not do that again. Also it was pretty sweet to eat with three cans of frosting!!

The unevenness presented itself again and we my brothers started brainstorming engineering ideas to make the cake stay upright. I voted we just eat it.

Saigie like it. She also liked counting all NINE candles on it.


  1. My wife makes funky cakes like this and made me one that looked like a cheeseburger a few years ago. It is all about the smirk she has on while counting the candles. Oh, and eating the cake too but that probably isn't a great picture.

  2. This is awesome! One of my cooking goals is to make and decorate a cake (that is recognizable- ha!) and this is great! Love it!

  3. This looks awesome! and SS seems to love it!

  4. I think it's adorable!! Good job! Don't know about the coffee in the frosting though...I would probably leave that out too...and add more cocoa. Love that your "helper" had to wear a helmet for the process! LOL

  5. Cute even if it wasn't perfect! I know my kids are thrilled when I make them homemade birthday cakes even if they aren't as pretty as store bought ones.

  6. I think you did a great job! I'm back from my week away and I've missed everyone so much!

    You are so inspiring with your homemade cakes and figures. My kids are lucky to get a Funfetti out of me.

  7. Ummm Heather? I just read your comment on Joann's blog...this is me sending love and prayers your way!!!

  8. CUTE! come link up to M.M.M.

  9. Oh so very cute! I love it!

    Thanks for visiting me! I'll be back!

  10. AMAZING!!!!! That is a perfect cake for BBQs..!!! You did a great jib my friend!!! HUGS!!!

  11. Oh yum. This totally reminds me of what seemed to be burger cookies at a Japanese convenience store (well, the wording was all in Japanese but they looked like tiny candy burgers). They didn't taste half as good as I'm sure yours was.

  12. Wow, that really does look like a cheeseburger. I'm impressed, I do not think I have the hand eye coordination to pull that off. Great work!

  13. How creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! :)


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