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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Race Recap - Tejas Tri

Alternate title options.
~ Suck Like a Hoover
~ Slow Wheezing Triathlete
~ Maybe Guacamole Was a Bad Idea

Today I did the Tejas Triathlon in New Territory. It was beautiful and well run.
I was not.
I will break it down for ya! Scales of 1-10.

600 yard swim - 8
Time 13:34
My time wasn't great, but I didn't feel like I should drown myself to end the misery like I usually do at that point. That is an improvement. I spent more time in the right swimming position and less time trying to catch my breath. I just get so nervous and I shouldn't because really the swim is my strong suit. Before the race even started my heart rate was 140. I was just STANDING THERE! Thank you adrenaline.
Because I spent more time in the correct swimming position I didn't notice the rest of the field was going no where near the turning buoy. (I heard the guy say we didn't have to go around it, but I thought we had to go TO it.) So I swam about 50 extra yards. Yay me!

11 mile bike - 8
Not bad. No major head divots. I am going to count that as improvement. I was still breathing way too fast and already getting a cramp in my side which didn't bode well for the run. (I am sorry, I mean the trudge.)

3 mile run - 2
Terrible. At mile one a 71 year old man lapped me. Using a walker. And he was on oxygen. After that I decided I would just crawl to the finish.
I don't know what went wrong. I was cramping up and I couldn't catch a breath. I thought if I slowed down to walk I could maybe slow my breathing, but all that did was really make my body want to walk.
Three very nice competitors talked to me encouragingly as they passed me. That helped me to start running again. (At least until they couldn't see me anymore. I didn't want them to think their efforts were in vain.)
The last time I did this race the run kicked my booty too. I think the guy that measures the run for this event needs to be evaluated. It is the longest three mile course I have ever run.

Overall time - 1:31:26

My transitions were slower with the addition of the new cycling shoes. I am definitely going to have practice that. Also I am just going to have to start working more on my swim sprints and running sprints. Anyone know any good online (preferably free) resources for that??

Maybe it is too early to make this decision, but I think maybe an Olympic length triathlon is not in the cards for me this summer. Maybe my goal should be getting faster at the Sprint length. Or maybe since I am not fast anyway a longer triathlon would be better for me. Any thoughts?


  1. Success is finishing and you did that!

  2. I can't offer advice as I've yet to tackle a tri, but wanted to say good job for hanging in there! I enjoyed your report... not that I get some sick sort of enjoyment out of other's misery, but you're very funny. As for the Olympic length tri, I can see your reasoning to go for it... I sucked it up big time in a 5K yesterday and was thinking maybe the 15K would've gone better as I wouldn't have had to try to go so fast...

  3. great job hanging in there!

  4. Even though you seem disappointed, I think you did fine.

    Different distance triathlons bring different challenges. Longer races tend to demand more from your biking (mixing in some pacing and nutrition as well) and might make some more demands on your time. I'm sure you could do an oly and do it well should you choose to.

  5. I'm amazed! I'm a former college athlete & a triathalon & a marathon are on my list of life goals...will I ever get there? I'm not sure! But you've inspired me!

    I'm the oldest of 5 kids--pretty much the best thing my parents ever did was give me sibilings! I'm a new follower & can't wait to keep reading! Thanks for stopping by Mommy Monologues!


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