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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Broken Record

Yesterday I took a vote on what to write about. The result was a tie between the most said phrases at our house and why I switched grocery stores. I decided to do the phrases today and the grocery store for as to avoid back to back TMI posts.

So here is today's and be sure to tune in tomorrow so I can embarass myself.

I just repeat the same things over and over every day. So do the kids.

Here is what I say every day REPEATEDLY.

1. Can I please just go to the bathroom ALONE!!

2. Where is your brother/sister?

3. Get in the car. Get in the car. GET IN THE CAR!!!!!

4. Why is this folded laundry in the dirty clothes hamper?

5. Don't let the dog out!

6. All empty containers belong in the trash!

7. That is a couch not a trampoline.

8. Please for the love of all that is good get off of my feet.

(Seriously, why do my feet get stepped on so much? I have size nine feet, but they are always the same exact distance in front of me as they have always been. If I am sitting down do they really have to get so close to me to speak to me that my feet are an obstacle. If I am standing am I that hard to see? Saigie actually managed the other day to stand on my foot and then twist in a way that took almost my whole second toenail off. Ouch. I may have cussed.)

Here is what they say.

1. Tell Ty/Tanner/Saigie/Tayte/Shaye Baby to leave me alone. (Usually it is the older one wanting the next youngest one to go away.)

2. Can I have a snack?

3. Are we going to Gramma's today?

4. Do I HAVE to do my homework?

5. What's for supper?

(I answer this questions AT LEAST seven times a day starting about 10 am. The Coach MUST know by then. Then the kids ask me as soon as they get home. Since they all get home at different times I get a lot of questions. Even Tayte asks me. I got to where I would send The Coach an itinerary each week with dinners listed. I also had Saigie write out a menu for the week on Sunday evenings. It gave her something to do and maybe cut a few questions out of my days.)

Of course what we say the most is, "I love you." (Awwwwww.)

And my favorite

"Good night."

What do ya'll say at your house??


  1. What is it with the feet thing?! My kids are the exact same way, always stepping on them! It sounds like we could swap kids and still say the exact same things all day long. There is little in the world more irritating to me than clean laundry that "magically" ends up in the dirty clothes hamper... Funny post, I needed that this morning, thanks!

  2. When Pie wakes up in the morning it's always, "Good morning love, did you have sweet baby dreams?"

  3. A lot of what you said, and then there's always other things to add into that, which of course I'm not remembering.

  4. LOL!!! I love your list the feet thing killed me

  5. Sorry, but I'm *still* giggling over the "folded laundry" part. Because my mother said that to my sister :)

  6. My mom's favorite saying when we were growing up was, "This house is not a gymnasium!" I love this post.

  7. The get in the car in triplicate cracks me up!

  8. I thought I was the only one who had to ask about the folded laundry! And "Can I have a snack?" is said in my house at least 10 times daily, times 2!

  9. if i had a dollar for every time a child stepped on my feet i would never have to work again. ever.

  10. I constantly tell my 4 year old to stop repeating. She tells and retells and retells you the same damn thing to drive home her point, apparently. I usually tell the dog to stop eating his own poop in the yard, too. Fun times!

  11. OMG Seriously! What is with the kids stepping on the feet! I have a weird bruise on my left arch tha KNOW is from my #2 kid. The same kid stepped on my hubby's foot and pinched a nerve. He is a runner...this was NOT a good thing as it was about a month before he was scheduled to run a 1/2 marathon. He was NOT happy!!


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