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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You're so FIRED!!

Today I am linking in the social parade at Smart and Trendy Moms. This week the social parade is a way to get and find followers via Google Friend Connect. Just in time too since I may soon be fired and have to make a living from my blog. (Not really.) (Well possibly.)

So what happened was.

I was teaching my eleventh grade students about Nixon and we were discussing Watergate. I told them W. Mark Felt was the informant who contacted Bob Woodward, but at the time his identity was a secret and he was and called, "Deep Throat". Predictably they laughed and someone asked why. I explained it was because of a controversial porn movie at the time.
Well some smart alec asked, "What's a porn?"
I answered, "Go ask your mom.:
Meaning - You should learn about sensitive subject matters at home and that's enough.

The class took it to mean - Your mom should know since she IS a porn star.

ARGH. I immediately tried to backtrack. It was too late though. I had lost all control. They kept telling the smart alec I had, "chopped" him. Your Momma jokes ensued. Light hearted insults were being tossed back and forth. There was no recovery.

I had to no choice, but to sit at my desk and update my resume until the bell rang.

Do you have a job that requires you to talk in front of others? What is the stupidest thing you have ever said?


  1. I'm following you from the Social Parade.

    So sorry to hear about your misfortune in the classroom today. Surely the "authorities" will understand that kids have a tendency to take things, twist words and blow things out of proportion. I would suggest talking to the student privately (as privately as you're allowed to these days) and explain that you're sorry that your comment was taken the wrong way and that it snowballed. Chances are, the student didn't think twice about it.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is unbelievable! I am speechless, but I have to admit I did giggle. Just a little. Anyway =) I am following from the wednesday linkup! =)

  3. If my daughters teacher implied I was a porn star ( not that you did) I would be flattered, especially since most of the time I feel like a crazy cat woman without cats. Porn star has a nice ring to it........ Keep your chin up, hopefully everyone has a sense of humor and realizes that as human as we all are, this was small potatoes.

  4. Hi so glad you joined in for Social Parade. I am so sorry if you link disappeared. I have your link info on there now. Thanks for the comment letting me know:) I am following.
    Smart and Trendy Moms

  5. New follower from the Social Parade. Hope you can stop by and visit our blog

    Have a great week!

  6. Found you from Social Parade. I don't think you have to much to worry about! Everyone knows how kids blow things out of proportion no matter what you say! PC or not! Good luck with your hooligans!

    Also update your blog a bit if your going to spend more time on here visit pretty poppy or prettiest blog on the block! Just in case you DO lose your job! HA!

  7. Nicole,
    THANK YOU. I just went there. It looks great! Obviously I am working now, but I hope to get cracking on this this weekend.

  8. Thank you for finding me on FF-I will be following you back! Great to hear that you have 5 kids too--of course mine are older, but still a great blessing.
    I use to tell my kids that when I worked as a waitress between HS and college that I liked working the bar area (served milk shakes etc..)
    Well, when my son was in 2nd grade he shared with his class that his Mom use to work "in" a Bar!
    Seeing I was the PTA President at the time, I was a bit uncomfortable thinking that he was telling people that.:) Oh well, now that he is a teacher we he knows how kids share..!

  9. LOL, I'm following you back, and I am the queen of saying stupid things so I know how you must have felt!

  10. Lol! That is why I taught elementary school.
    Visiting from the social parade. I’m your newest follower. I hope you’ll stop by and visit me and perhaps follow along. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  11. I don't speak in public for this reason ! I do much better with my keyboard , where I can delete and edit... lol !

    Following you from this weeks Social Parade ! You can check out my blog here if you want !

  12. I worked with kids for awhile and learned about a play technique called Some Guy's Floor Play model. (I can't remember the guy and want to keep saying Allen Greenspan...) Then I went to a meeting and announced to a crowd of strangers that I had learned about the Some Guy's Foreplay model. It was quite embarrassing. And they never looked at me the same again...

  13. Aren't kids great! I think we have all said some thing that kids have taken in a different context. Not to worry then soon forget and move on to something else.

    I have a "Sweet Blog" award for you, so stop by when you can.

  14. Just dropping by to say "Hello" and check out your blog. Stop by mine sometime.

  15. Is it wrong that I totally laughed? I do not miss high school even one tiny bit, lol

  16. Hey there.
    I'm a new follower from Tag Along Tuesday. I hope you'll stop by and follow me too.

    It seems so weird, like last year I was still inn high school and that could have been me sitting in the class room. Awkward lol >.<

  17. Ok I know this shouldn't be so hilarious, but it is! I would've been the smart alec that asked what it was.
    I don't have to talk in front of people, not really anyway. I am a receptionist so I just answer phones and then complain about how ignorant some people are.

  18. I can totally relate! In fact- I used to teach 5th grade, and I would always give the first two letters when a child asked me how to spell a word. For example, if a child asked me how to spell the word, "duck" I would say "d-u" look it up. Well, one day a child asked me during our writing time how to spell future. I immediately said, "f-u" look it up. You can only imagine the ensuing laughter and jokes from some street smart fifth graders. I don't think I ever lived it down! (And btw-look at your new background-someone is totally growing up in the blogging it!)

  19. New follower from Social Parade!

  20. LMAO That is just classic!! And you know those kids will be retelling that story forever. It will be legendary now... lol

  21. I like the new blog design, good job!

  22. LOL!!!!! I'm a teacher too so trust me I have many..I was almost fired moments for my mouth..


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