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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Signs Summer is Approaching

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Summer weather is closing in on us in Texas. We have over 90 degree temps all week last week. I will not complain because I hate the cold. I just thought I would show these indications summer is near.

1. Slicked up kid - I have seen Tayte burn in fifteen minutes flat. In FEBRUARY. I am not taking any chances, so this red head is slicked up with suncreen. (I just decided we are walking to the pool..this will leave a grease spot on the car seat.)

2. Fishing. Nothing says summer like fishing. Ty can fish for hours at a time. He is looking forward to spending time at Gramma's house this summer feeding the fish all her bologna. (We tie the same (dead) fish to Tayte's line and just let him catch it over and over.)

3. Barbeque. It just isn't summer without a lot of back yard grilling. I really don't know what cooking method Grampa is teaching Saigie here that involves a nine iron. Whatever.
4. Freckles. I love the way Tan-Man's freckles multiply exponentially during the summer. By August he won't even be tranparent any more.
5. Flip Flops - Tayte got these for Easter. I had no idea they would be such a hit. He loves them. Even though they are wearing a blister on his little pale foot.
6. Farmer's Tan - This is my kid who actually tans. Days of fishing have achieved this look.
This is my kid who burns and freckles. Aren't genetics a bummer?

7. Sundresses - Shaye Baby is modeling the lastest in baby sun dresses and teeth!

8. Dead plants - As pictured before. I didn't inherit my mom's knack for plants. When it is 90 degrees outside it turns out they need water . Who knew?

9. Coping mechanism for the last weeks of school. KIDDING. I was not responsible for this. I don't know who was, but this was in my dad's gun room. Yes, he keeps his firearms and his booze in the same room. Yes. We do live in Texas. Why do you ask?

(Anyone want to take a guess on how much more mileage I can get out of this picture? )

So?? What says summer to you?


  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning, hahaha, I loved that last picture and the description :)
    Summer for me is pretty much all of those things, minus the fishing. I'm sure people fish here in Florida but with all those alligators I'll just keep my distance.
    I found your blog through Tuesday Tagalong and am a new follower

  2. I am so looking forward to summer-- not having to be on a schedule every morning, bikes and sprinklers and popsicles on the porch, family reunions, the state fair, and sunshine. Oh, blessed sunshine. Iowa apparently did something to make the sunshine mad. It's like 45 degrees and cloudy here today. Not my new favorite May weather. Ha!

  3. That baby is scrumptious!

    I love the dead fish fake-out. That's the best.

    Yes, I am an Irish girl with skin the color of snow. My husband says whenever we go to the beach, I need to be careful, so that people don't step on me, mistaking me for the sand.

    He is Italian. We have 2 girls with dark eyes who tan and one blue eyed pale freckle face girl. Sorry, honey. But, everyone gets lubed up. Like you, the Southern sun here in Florida is broiling.

    Oh yeah, and I've got one of those shooting men, my husband and yes, he has a gun room with a significant gun collection. It's the South, y'all.

  4. LOVE that last picture. Hilarious. I seem to have the same skin that most of your kids have. I just burn. It's so frustrating.

    Happy Tuesday!

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  6. I am dying for summer// I too lather up my

  7. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. I'm ready for summer too! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog from TAT! Cute post too :) I'm now following you too.

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