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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanks So Much

Today I am joining The Daily Dribbles in handing out a few sarcastic "Thanks!"

First I want to thank my computer for not allowing me to include her button in my post. ARGH.

Next I would like to thank my kid, whichever one you are, for jacking with my bike helmet before my race. Causing me to follow up a pretty darn good swim with a FOUR MINUTE transition time.

That's not all.

I also want to thank you (You know which kid you are.) for the beautiful divot the too small helmet took out of my forehead. I just wasn't looking rough enough during this race. Lovely.

Ty I would like to thank you for insisting on riding to the doctor's office with Saigie and I for the sole purpose of freaking her out in the waiting room telling her she was going to have to have a shot. Really. An hour wait in the doctor's office just isn't misreable enough without the crying.

I would also like to thank the whims of the baseball gods. The Coach is going to have to have Tommy John surgery this summer -The same month we have to move out of our house.

And finally I would like to thank the HTML universe for making it impossible to improve the look of my blog without help from a professional.
And now for sincere appreciation.
Thanks P$ for staying on the phone with me and reviving my blog after I killed it. You are the best friend a chick could ever have.

Also thanks The Coach for not getting upset with me when I spent all night Wednesday night working on my blog and grumbling about your surgery.

Thank you to NorCal Mom at Lemons to Lemonade who gave me my first blogger awards ever! I am quite flattered. (I got another too and I am working on finding it again to acknowledge. Thank you.)

And finally, thanks to all of you who have followed. I am so excited to be close to 100 followers. I am working on a give away!!!

And finally you can all thank me for not using the Crown Royal picture again!! I was tempted.


  1. The new blog look is fabulous! I'm so jealous. HTML code makes my head want to explode.

  2. LOL Love the pic of you with the "divot" in your forehead. Thanks for stopping by my have 3 more new followers...ME! (tee hee) Following you with all 3 of my blogs. :)

  3. The divot head photo is one to look at before every future race as part of a checklist.

  4. Love the thank yous - leave it to the kids to screw something of yours up instead of something of their's huh! P.S. I am your newest follower! :o)

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog so I could find yours. The divot pic is a classic!

  6. Heather, You made me laugh! Great blog.
    Check out my blog, I have left you an award. Enjoy!

  7. Totally laughing at the first one. i wondered where the button was. LOL Thank you so much for linking up. If you want the name of a couple good blog designers that are pretty cheap, I can give them to you.

  8. LOL! Love the divot pic! So very attractive :o). Thanks for stopping by!


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