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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review and Summer Challenge

Three things today. I read not one, but TWO books last week. No. I didn't neglect my children or my husband. I would never do that. Never. I also included information about Summer Book Challenge. I have linked up to the Blog Hop at Proud Book Nerd and I hope you too in order to let us know what great things you have read lately.

1. I read The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews (copyright 2009). I was glad to read it because after reading a historical fiction heavy on scripture, and Caramello by Sandra Cisneros I was ready for something less challenging.

The book is about a young lawyer who is involved in a D.C. scandal. As a result she ends up in Guthrie, Georgia fixing up an old house while trying to extricate herself from the scandal.

It is a good book. The characters are cute. There was a well written MILD love scene in the book (nothing that would have made my mother sigh and flip pages.) and I found myself looking forward to another one. Naughty me! It was amusing, which I think was the point so I can forgive the unrealistic way the character remodeled the old house and worked with the FBI. (I assume that part was unrealistic. I have never worked with the FBI.)

I haven't read other books by this author so I am looking forward to checking some out this summer as nice pool reading.

2. I really wanted to read a book by Rivers titled, Her Mother's Hope. Our wonderful school library doesn't have it yet though. So until the lovely ladies there order it for me I thought I would read another book by Rivers.

The Sin Eater (copyright 1998 - Why don't I read something a tad bit more recent?) is set in the highlands of the Smokey Mountains. The main character in the story is a ten year old girl, Cadi. She is some how involved in the death of her sister. Her adventure starts as an attempt to be forgiven for her "sins". It ends in exposing a huge tragedy committed by one of the orginal settlers of the area.

In the process of having her sins forgiven Cadi is preached to by a prophet and comes to accept the Lord. So does her young friend Fagan. It is then their misson to bring the rest of their community to see the error of their ways before it is too late.

I liked the book. I was tickled by the regional dialect the characters use. The book was very heavy on scripture. It was thought provoking as far as making me wonder how DID people learn the truth about the Bible in places and times where reading wasn't a common skill.

It was a good book. It was not a great book. I would read the author again, but I probably wouldn't pay actual money to do so.

3. Booking Mama is hosting a Summer Book Challenge. It looks interesting. I have included button on my sidebar. If you click this she can explain the fun better than I can. There are 17 books on the list, but you can choose how many you plan to read and review. I am in the process of looking them up and seeing which ones I will most likely read. She is going to offer a place to link up reviews and possibly some prizes for those reviews. So why are you still here. Get going!


  1. I read The Fixer Upper... In fact, I met the author at Texas Library Association last year and she autographed my book. I thought it was good chick lit. - Kathy Forbes

  2. Summer Reading sounds like fun - I think I'll be joining

  3. Thank you. And thank you for commenting. I seem to be having a hard time getting my book reviews off the ground.


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