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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have a few people to thank this week so I thought I would join The Daily Dribbles and give a sarcastic, "Thanks" to all the things I could have done without this week.

Thank you random person who called my house at 3:30 am the other day. The call came coincidentally right after I had bragged that Shaye slept four nights in a row.

Thank you water meter reader who stabbed my dog requiring her to have over 30 stitches. Yes. I understand she was hanging around in the front yard. But she is a golden retriever for the love of all that is good, not a doberman, pitt bull, alligator hybrid. You could have just asked her to get you a beer instead. (And a sincere thank you to our great vet. friend who patched her up at a fraction of the cost.)

Thank you, stupid self for not reading this. Sun Exposure Warning)
Which resulted in this.


How about you? Please link up, or add your thanks in the comments.


  1. Holy cow, that sunburn looks miserable! Ouch! What in the world was the water meter guy doing with a weapon sharp enough to stab your dog? Did you call his place of employment and tell them or are they allowed to stab random dogs?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You are about 4 hours away from me. I'm near San Antonio.

  2. YIKES!! You definitely got a good burn going there! Owie! The meter man seriously stabbed your dog?! I'd be flipping out and suing somebody!! I mean...the dog was in his own yard...what a jerk!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for Thank You Very Much! :)

  3. What in the world is the meter man doing going around stabbing dogs for? And while that is some serious business...LOL at asking the dog to get him a beer. LOL

    That sunburn looks sooo painful.

    Thank you for linking up. You have super cute kids!

  4. oh my ouchness on the burn. I forgot to read my dogs meds and instead of a half pill twice a day I gave her a whole one for the day. I hate when I forget to read.

  5. Ouch. That burn looks like it hurts. Feel better.

  6. My "Thank you" list:

    Thank you air conditioner for deciding not to work at all on the hottest day so far this year.

    Thank you printer for eating about 25 pages of perfectly good paper and killing a few trees.

    Thank you mother-in-law dearest for making me late for my hair appointment because we all know that I'm not a stickler for being on time.

    Thank you again mother-in-law dearest for your consistent input of the obvious and your continued desire to make a statement just for contradictory sake.

    Sorry about your burn... maybe it will turn into a sexy tan if you keep it lotioned!!

  7. Hello! Stopping by a bit late to say thanks for tagging along this week at the Tuesday Tag-Along blog hop! I'm a follower of your blog! :)

  8. I'm wincing over that sunburn--- the only thing that ever made my sunburn pain go away completely was a bar of tea tree oil soap--- a neighbor gave it to me years ago and I've never found any since.

    I'd report the meter guy too!

  9. OUCH!! I used aloe gel and then lotion to try to keep from peeling.

  10. I may have needed to beat down the meter reader for stabbing my dog,

    Bless your heart with that sunburn, I hope you are feeling better soon!


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