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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Win at The Grocery Game

Works for Me Wednesday.
Today's theme at We Are That Family is asking for helpful tips. I had already written this and I need to do my hair, so I am just going to go ahead with it. Works for me!

I don't win at much. I don't win triathlons, or blog contests. Wah. But I do feel like I win at the grocery game. My friend introduced me to The Grocery Game a couple of years ago and I have used it since. We are a family of seven and in a typical week we spend 160.00 on groceries. We get all three meals a day at home. (G3 are occasionally at their dad's for dinner.) This figure includes food, toiletries, paper goods, laundry soap (lots and lots of laundry soap) and diapers for Shaye Baby. (It doesn't include other types of cleaning items as...I don't clean!)

The Grocery Game is a website that basically lets you know when a store has items on sale for the lowest price. At that time site tells you where to find the coupon for the item resulting in the largest savings. The idea is that at the time you will get the biggest savings you buy more than one of the item resulting in a stockpile of cheap groceries.

I have personally saved over 50% using The Grocery Game at the grocery store and more at drug stores.

Here is a recent example of my drug store receipt. (Please ignore the 3.50 I spent on candy and coke. I bribed oldest child to watch the babies while I shopped.) (It was worth it.) (I would do it again.)

Sure deoderant usually costs $5/2. This week there was a store coupon for $3/2. Then there were coupons in the paper for 1.50/1. Therefore the item was free. You can't beat free.

I won't go through each item, because you would all slip into a coma and I would be responsible for whatever chaos then took place at your house. But I bought all of these items for $30.3o. Plus I got back $5 dollars to use next week. That is a total savings of 64.65.

What I got - 4 shampoos, 4 body washes, 3 salmon, 2 deoderants, 2 packs razors, 1 creamer, 1 dishwashing thingies, 1 dryer bar, 1 toilet paper.

Now that I have done this for a while I am pretty quick at it. I like that I can make a computer generated list just by highlighting what items I need on the website. I also like saving money of course and having extra of stuff around the house. It has been nice on occasion to save enough money for things we wouldn't normally eat at home, like steak, and ribs. Plus I am occasionally able to afford "luxury items" that I wouldn't normally spring for like fancy shower gels.

I have heard criticisms from people who didn't like the method or did the same type thing by themselves without having to pay. (The charge is minimal. I think it is $5 for eight weeks, or something like that.) The trial though is only a dollar so it if it turns out this isn't for you, you can cancel and only be out a dollar.

Please know that this is just my unsolicited opinion. The Grocery Game is not paying me and neither is Sure deoderant. (Trust me no deoderant company would every ask us to endorse their product.)


  1. I tried The Grocery Game but found myself getting obsessive and it was taking up a lot of my time. I stockpiled so much with the CVS ExtraCare Bucks that I haven't had to shop for soap, razors, deodorant, or toothpaste for the last 8 months-and that is saying something, since we are a family of 8! I just trying to plan what you are going to have saves money. I love trying to beat the MAN, don't you?!

  2. I haven't tried The Grocery Game, but I do make every attempt to check stores for the best prices and clip coupons, etc. There are a few fantastic blogs out there that help along the way (doing much of the leg-work for you). I feel it every time I stop price-checking, because our grocery bills go through the roof!


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