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Friday, May 21, 2010


Triathlon Season is here. Well it's been here.

I have already participated in two triathlons this season. The Lone Star Triathlon in Galveston and the Iron Babe Super Sprint Tri.

The Lone Star Tri was a little disapointing as we didn't get to swim, but since I realized I had been swimming 7 less yards per 25, I've decided maybe it was a good thing. I may have drowned.

My goal was to finish in less than 55 minutes in the super sprint. I had added up my goal times to get to this number. Five mininutes for the swim, 25 for the cycle and 30 for the run. I did manage to make all of those times. Unfortunately I forgot to calculate in transition times. Oops. I especially forgot to add four minutes for a jacked up, divot inducing helmet.

So my next races are:
The Tejas Triathlon June 6 600y, 11m, 3m
The Marble Falls Tri July 18 1000y, 23m, 4m
Bridgeland Tri August 8 500y, 14m, 3.3m
The Clear Lake Tri August 28 1000y, 24.9m, 6.2m

I haven't done this many in a single season before, so I hope I am not being overzealous. I also haven't done an Olympic distance tri yet. I was training for one when I surprise got pregnant with Shaye Baby.

I haven't considered goals for all of these races yet, but I did look at my 2008 performance in the Tejas Tri and my goal is to beat that.

2008, 2010 Goal
600y swim 13:41, 12:30 (That is going to be tough)

11m bike 32:17, 36:00 (2008 race not 11 because of

3m run 34:51, 29:50 (My dream to run under a ten
minute mile.)

If I add two transition time of 2 minutes each that equals about 1:21:80 (How can that be 80?)
Anyway that would be me about 27th out of 47 in my age group. That isn't great. Oh well.

This post is pretty boring and I am sorry, but I needed to go ahead and get this all done. And now it is I must DO IT!!

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