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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner is Served

I didn't want to be nostalgic about my kids any more this week. It was making me weepy. Then I had to eat chocolate. What I really need is to drag another couple pounds along with me on my next race.

So...instead I thought I would post some new things I made this week that were responsible for the extra poundage. :)

None of these were too difficult or even terribly exciting, but they were some new things I made this week.

1. Corn Fritters - I got this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. The kids LOVED them. I couldn't even get them to the table.

They were fun to make too, although I wouldn't suggest doing it in a bikini top. They are poppy. (Good excuse for all the kids to stay out of the kitchen while I was cooking.)

Look at all their golden brown deliciousness. They were even better drizzled in honey. It is super easy. Just some canned corn in batter and fried. Yum. AND's a vegetable, even if it is deep fried.

2. Green beans. I made fresh green beans, which I have never done before. All it takes is onions and bacon and green beans.

Steamy and yummy. And yet another vegetable, although disguised by bacon grease. So delicious, I can't believe I haven't ever made these before.

3. Roasted chicken quarters. I roast chicken often, but not this way. I also got this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

These were supposed to be spicy, but they weren't. They were also supposed to be just chicken legs, but quarters were on sale for .89/lb, so do you blame me? I knew you wouldn't.

4. Oatmeal brownies. I got this recipe from a cute cook book my mother brought over to help me "stage" the house for showing. It's a good thing I made it when I did. I got home yesterday and the book was gone. I was robbed! (In it's place was a package of onesies, so I suspect Mom.) (Thanks, Mom.)


Plus this.

Equals this.

I told the kids whoever wanted an oatmeal brownie had to go for a walk with me after dinner. Ty said, "I really want a brownie, but I don't want to be seen walking with ALL y'all. So, we DROVE to the nature trail for our covert family walk. About ten minutes into the walk Tanner exclaimed, "I could have just stayed home while y'all were walking and eaten the whole pan of brownies." Smart kid, but not smart enough to think of it while we were still at home!

5. This weekend I am going to try Mongolian Beef from Hon, What's for Dinner? Do you think that is a good theme type dinner to go with the finale of LOST?

Since all FIVE of these things made me thankful and happy, I am linking up to MannLand5's Thursday Five. Join her and tell her what you are happy about.


  1. All that food looks so yummy and I'm loving the kid logic about the brownies. It's great to have smart kids, unless they are using it against us parents!

  2. Brownies are my favorite thing EVER!

    And how about I teleport to you and we can have a Lost themed dinner together?!?!

    I bet they show Tuesday's episode on Sunday..they almost have to!!!

  3. Yummy! This post just made me really hungry! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  4. That all looks delish!!! I love fixing green beans. they are probably my favorite vegetable to eat. I'll be anxious to hear (read) how the Mongolian Beef turns out.

  5. I think the Pioneer Woman sprinkles magic fairy dust on everything she does in life, because everything she does is perfection. Have you tried The sandwich? It's amazing!

    And I am going to make some of those brownies. Oatmeal and chocolate together are Nirvana.

  6. I so love everything Pioneer Woman! But, dang is it ALL fattening.

    I just about licked the screen because I'm so hungry. LOL! I'm dieting and all I've heard is my stomach grumbling for the past week!


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