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Monday, April 19, 2010

Gramma's Back!!

Gramma and Grampa had been out of town for nine days. NINE DAYS. It isn't unusual for Grampa to be gone that long, but the kids really wanted to know who had authorized Gramma's departure.

"The nerve of her!", they said.
I don't know who taught them to talk like that.

So they got back yesterday and we wasted no time in getting over there to mooch a meal. Gramma really spoiled us with chicken fried stead and mashed potatoes.
You are forgiven for leaving, Gramma.
But don't do it again.
(Grampa introdoced the kids to wedge salads. Yum. Try one!)

There was a conversation between my inner voice and I that went something like this.
Inner Voice: Should you be eating chicken fried steak this close to a race?
Me: I like chicken fried steak.
Inner Voice: Me too!
Yup. I turns out my inner voice has no will power either. That's ok I hear it is not good for you to have your blood moving too quickly through your veins. After the dinner was gobbled up we had these delicious cobblers I brought over. Some kids had pecan pie, but let's not talk about that.

We missed you too Grampa! Thanks for having us over!
Here's the kicker and the true proof of my moocheriness. (Again..yes, it's a word.) Not only did I scarf down a delicious chicken fried steak dinner, I also left with this parting gift. Beans! Tonight's dinner is already made, in containers in my fridge courtesy of Gramma!
Grammas (and Grampas) Rock!
And my Dancing With the Stars prediction
I would have bet on Kate to be out, but after that mention of her little friends anxiously awaiting the show each week people will vote for her, which is good. Give the lady a break.
I am going to predict that Pamela Anderson leaves. I have nothing against her and nothing to base this prediction on. Just so you know.

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  1. Thanks for posting on my blog. I know, going raw is hard and it certainly isn't for everyone. I'm having food envy looking at your chicken fried steak!


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