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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lost - Dad's Will Can Wait

I think the writers took the date 4/20 a little too seriously.

I let them fool me into thinking that FLocke might not have assumed Jack's dad's body because Crazy Claire referred to them as two seperate people. Dumb me. Plus I really thought that Claire was Jack's sister would would have been more of a bomb shell on the island (and in the alternate reality for that matter.) FLocke claims that John Locke was a sucker. I guess since John Locke is not dead the chances of Jack fixing him are pretty great.

Question 1. How does Sun know Locke at the hospital?

Kate is still proclaiming her innocence. I am really interested to see how that plays out. I like the way she puts him in the hot seat with her correct guess he didn't want anyone to know about his trip to Austrialia.

Those are some impressive smart bombs Zoey has, but I do not think it is going to get Desmond back.

Question 2. Why does FLocke need Desmond killed?

If I were Claire I might have called security on Desmond. That was kinda creepy. Of course Ilana is a lawyer. That seems right. Claire's hair is just as bad in the alternate reality as it is on the island. Bad hair must carry over. Desmond doesn't seem to be losing any sleep over running down John Locke.

Sawyer's shirt has way too much ruching for my taste. He needs to shop somewhere else on the island. The double cross is on, but Sawyer refuses to take Crazy the dismay of both Kate and Jack. Will the islanders ever be a cohesive unit? Jack doesn't feel right and he swims back to shore? Argh.

Sayid seems to be coming back from, "the dark side." Could that be? Maybe the whole thing was an act? He seems to be considering Desmond's question from the well. Neat they way they catch him in the alternate reality using a garden hose.

Do the other Temple Losties not notice that Jack, Hurley, Sun and Lapidus are leaving, or do they just not care? Claire notices. Of course.

By the hair could totally look like Kate's on the L'Oreal commerical. I just don't want it too. So there.

I can't believe that 1. Jack would just leave the reading of the will to run to the hospital and 2. He would perform surgery on Locke with that little of notice. 3. I also don't believe that he would even recognise Locke with his faced all smushed up like that.

Have you seen the commercials for Happy Town. The Coach wants us to watch that, but I am not so sure. What do you think?

Widmore seems to have forgotten that he made a deal with Sawyer. BUT, Jin and Sun finally reunite....just in time to have a gun pointed at them. ("Looks like someone got their voice back." and "I'll never leave you again. I promise you." - Most cheeseball lines of the entire series. Also probably foreshadowing of something bad.)

Half the time I am trying to figure out the good/evil thing. The other half I am trying to figure out which Losties would prefer the crash timeline and which would prefer the alternate timeline. Is that somehow going to play a part?

Question 3 - Where was Richard?

Only four more episodes left. According to the doesn't need Kate. Hmmm.
I still predict Jack somehow saves Juliet's life in the alternate reality. It has been mentioned too much for there not to be some follow through.


  1. I was totally creeped out by LA Desmond. And Claire is suspicious, but goes with him! Not this momma!

  2. D. Heather's brotherApril 21, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    Desmond is manipulating events in non-crash time pretty much the way that Widmore tries to manipulate them on island-time. And remember that in non-crash time, Desmond is Widmore's right hand man. I think that before the end, Desmond will get all of the important people from non-crash time on the island somehow, to kinda show that it didnt matter if the plane crashed or not, they were destined to be stuck on that island.

    Sun knows Locke from the plane, of course, but is it possible that being shot caused her to have flashes, like Desmond and Hurley had of island time?

    Question 2 is simple. FLocke wants Desmond killed simply because Widmore needs him.

    I didnt notice Sawyer's shirt.

    Keep in mind that now that Jack's father is dead, Jack is the head super neuro back surgeon guy. They call him because he is the only one that can get the job done. 1) The reading of the will is not a matter of life or death (the will writer is already dead) so if it can be postponed, it will be. 2) He would almost always perform those type of surgeries with little notice. Others have already done the prep work for him. Jack knows his shhhtuff. 3) Jack is a paralyzed person fixer, so he would naturally remember paralyzed people he comes in contact with.

    Are you seriously asking the guy who let your kids play Outlaw Golf if I think you should let them watch Happy Town?

    Richard evidently is wandering around in the jungle trying to find the ghost of his wife that has been dead for 139 years and using super glue to put the Black Rock back together.


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