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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dinner Under Duress

Last week I found out my husband had been cheating on me with another woman.


Food Cheating! He has been eating another woman's cooking! Hmmmmm. I asked him what he had to say for himself and he said, "WHAT in the world are you talking about??" I had decided to forgive him. We all make mistakes. UNTIL...he requested that I make her recipe for dinner.

Now I am not a food snob or anything. Ok..maybe a little. I cook almost every night. Except for when my mom does this. I don't use weird ingredients requiring a trip to the specialty food store. I do take pride in fixing homemade, quasi healthy meals with close to all of the food groups in them. And for the love of Pete...only one starch!

So I made Tater-Tot casserole under duress. It calls for browned ground beef and an onion. Throw in some mushroom soup and some water and pour it into a casserole dish.

Then cover that mixture with frozen Tater-Tots. (What in the world??) And over that sprinkle Velveeta cheese. Helloooooooo Heart Attack.

Because of the complete lack of any healthy food in this dish I added Sweet Aunt's Salad, a favorite at our house. It calls for bacon grease and probably isn't that healthy either, but it is delicious and green so it counts as a vegetable.

The Tater Tot Casserole got the thumbs up. I guess there is no accounting for taste. Technically it does only have one starch.


  1. I read this first line and about had a heart attack. I think someone should write a blog about how to kill your husband by BLOG. That's the worst opening line of anything I've ever read....seriously.....I'm getting CPR as I type.

    In my defense.......I told Heather (aka...crazy stalker wife) that the kids would love this recipe. I was thinking about the kids baby. It's all about the kids. That's my story and I'm sticking too it.

  2. I have to agree Heather... I read the first line and was ready to throw something... And I could probably get to him pretty quick from my office!

  3. I think my kids would love the Tater Tot Casserole!

    But, a recipe from another woman... You are a better wife than me!

  4. Hey A.nonymouse and magically ordinary..thanks for the comments.
    The Coach...not to much. ;)

  5. Ha ha, tater tot casserole is the first dish I ever made for my husband. He was so not a fan of it and now makes it to his liking. In fact, he now cooks every dish. Guess that's what he gets for making fun of my tater tot casserole!

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  7. Wow that seriously looks like it could do some damage!!! I am following you back! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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