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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Recap #2

These weekly recaps are really a nice way to measure time since after this week it is only FOUR more weeks of school. Summer...aaaahhhhhhhhh.

The Good

My in laws are in town visiting for a week from St. Louis.

Shaye Baby is slowly getting over her cold.

Saigie scored a point at the volleyball game.

The Coach's team had a big upset win.

The date of the triathlon in Galveston has finally arrived!!!!

The Bad

I still have the same sinus infection I have had for ten years. Ha!

My husband had a heart attack when I (jokingly) accused him of cheating on me.

The new owners of our house want our pet rat gone. Hmmmm.

The Ugly

Kate Gosselin is gone. The dancing was ugly, but so was the crying so I did feel sorry for her.


I am adding to the recap this week a thought provoking interview. It is going to be called - TPI
Since I just made this up and she was the only one around at lunch I asked my work BFF, Mrs. J. (That and I knew she would give me thoughtful answers.)

Me: You had this job both before and after you had a kid. How has having a kid changed your professional life?

Mrs: J. I now care much less about my job.

(Be assured Mrs. J. is an extremely dedicated and patient educator. She works very hard. So much for thoughtful answer though.)

Me: Next question, the PTO is nicely providing us with lunch today, do you think there will be Doritoes?

Mrs. J: IDK. I hope it is Mexican again.

Me: You dork, it is sandwiches. You really don't read your email do you?

How about you? Has your dedication to your job changed since you had a kid? If so how much?
Also, what are your thoughts on Doritoes?

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